Home Renovation Market 2022

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130,000 yen ($977.81)
(excluding consumption tax)
260,000 yen ($1,955.62)
(excluding consumption tax)
390,000 yen ($2,933.43)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 132.95 yen , 2022/08/12 Japan)

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Overall housing industry, home renovation market

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Home renovation companies

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I. General Overview of Housing Industry

1. New Housing Construction Market
i. Transition of new housing starts
ii. Transition of trends in privately-owned houses and rented houses
iii. Transition of stand-alone houses and condominiums
2. Status of Housing Stocks
i. Transition of housing stocks
ii. Renovation objects
iii. Housing stock status by type of construction
iv. Transition of stock of condominiums and condominiums to be renovated
v. Transition of stock of prefabricated houses
3. Survey Results regarding Home Renovation/Remodeling
4. Demographical Data
i. Total population
ii. Total number of households
iii. Rate of home ownership by age
iv. Family budget research
5. Trends of Construction Businesses
i. Number of companies in home renovation/remodeling market
ii. Trends of companies with permission for construction business
6. Measures/Systems/Regulation in Home Renovation Industry
i. Basic plans to live in a residence
ii. Information on housing records
iii. Insurance regarding defects liability
iv. Laws that revise some parts of Real Estate Brokerage Act (enacted in April, 2018)
v. Safe R Residence registration system
vi. “Housing for Children and Future Project” by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (subsidy for purchase of new stand-alone low-energy house or remodeling of homes to improve energy-saving performance, mainly for child-rearing household and young couples; successive project of Green Housing Point)

II. Trends in Home Renovation Market

1. Home Renovation Market Overview
2. Forecast of Home Renovation Market Size
3. Size of Home Renovation Market by Prefecture
4. Size of Home Renovation Market for Elderly
5. Luxury Home Renovation Market
6. Existing Homes & Renovation Market
7. Condominiums Renovation Market
8. Component Ratio of Home Renovation Market by Segment

III. Strategies of Home Renovation Companies

1. Trends of Leading Businesses
2. Sales Strategies
3. Impact of COVID-19 on Home Renovation Companies
4. Noteworthy Social Conditions and Technology Trends regarding Product Development Hereafter
5. Future Market Perspectives, Business Trends, Future Challenges and Solutions

IV. Profiles of Leading Home Renovation Companies

1. Renovation Enterprises from Housemakers: 3 enterprises
2. Independent Renovation Enterprises: 11 enterprises
3. Small-size Renovation Enterprise: 1 enterprise



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130,000 yen ($977.81)
(excluding consumption tax)
260,000 yen ($1,955.62)
(excluding consumption tax)
390,000 yen ($2,933.43)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 132.95 yen , 2022/08/12 Japan)