Market Reports

YANO's self-sponsored research studies covering a wide range of business subjects. Typically, a report contains the market size, market share, market structure, details of major players, and the market trends and forecast of the subject in question. More than 200 titles are published annually. Most reports are written in Japanese. Translation service can be arranged at an additional cost. All the prices quoted do not include Japanese consumption tax, unless otherwise specified.

Browse Reports by Industry

    General / All industries Market researches and studies on general industries, inter-industry issues, management and policies

    Apparel / Jewelry / Cosmetics Consumer goods segments of apparel, jewelry and cosmetic related goods and services

    Automobile Automobile and auto parts related industries

    Chemical / Paper Pulp, paper, chemical, drug, pharmaceutical, rubber, plastic, high performance films and other advance chemical industries

    Electronics / Optics Electronics and optics related industries including medical applications

    Energy / Natural resources Natural resources, energy, fuel, power supply and related industries

    Sports / Entertainment / Amusement Sports, entertainment and amusement industries including pachinko and gaming

    Food / Beverage Foods and beverages including health food, alcoholic beverages, agriculture, gardening and related products and services

    Medical / Health Medical and healthcare, drugs and pharmaceuticals, diagnostic and therapeutic, and related product and services

    Housing / Real estate Housing, housing materials, renovation, real estate and related products and services

    Information Communication Technology Information and communication technologies such as computer, software, printer, mobile phones, PDA and related products and services

    Retail / Wholesale Horizontal classification by type of business: Retail, wholesale, distribution, sales channel and related business activitie

    Materials Horizontal classification by materials: Industrial and commercial materials including automotive, housing, textile, cosmetic and other industries

    Industrial Technology Horizontal classification by technology: Industrial technology including automotive, chemical, electronics, power supply and other related technologies

    B2B Services Horizontal classification by business to business products and services including wide range of industrial segments

    Consumer Services Horizontal classification: Consumer oriented products and services including wide range of industrial segments from automobile to fashion and cosmetics

    Consumer Durables Horizontal classification: Consumer durables related products and services including wide range of industrial segments from automobile to housing and household equipmen

    Consumer Nondurables Horizontal classification: Consumer non-durables related products and services including wide range of industrial segments from cosmetics, fashions and accessories to healthcare, health foods and drug chains

    Other industries Products, services or information which are difficult to be classified into the listed classifications