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Market Reports

Q : Do you have published market reports written in English?

A : Almost all the market reports we publish are available only in Japanese language at the moment, though the reports on some sorts of products such as electronic materials and components are translated into English from time to time.

Q : How many days will it take to deliver a report to my place?

A : Basically, all the published market reports are supplied in PDF file, which you can download from our website. The link to the page for downloading will be sent via e-mail on the same day when you place your order with credit card payment, or by the end of the next business day as processing of an order requires some manual steps. If you select the wire remittance instead of credit card as a payment method, the report in PDF file will be ready for downloading as soon as we confirm your payment at our end.

Q : Can I cancel my order?

A : You cannot cancel your order if the e-mail with the link to the downloading page has already been sent out from YANO, and no refund or replacement is available in such a case.

Custom Research

Q : What can I do when I cannot find a suitable report?

A : Besides readily available market reports, YANO can provide you with an ad hoc research which will be custom designed to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to Contact Us for research design consulting. A proposal for a custom design research will be prepared and submitted to you, free of charge. The reports to be compiled and submitted to you as outcome of such ad hoc researches could be also prepared in English to meet the needs of overseas clients.