Service Industry 2021

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Service Industry

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Service Providers regarding information & communications, IT services, Infrastructure services, transportation services, long-term care/nursery services, education/prep school services, lifestyle-related services, restaurants (food and beverages) services, travel and accommodation services, leisure/sports-related services, Services for enterprises

Research Content:

Part I    Industry Overview

I. Service Industry Overview

1. Service Industry Views from Japanese Industrial Structure
i. GDP Transition
ii. Trends by Industry
2. Each Industry Viewed from the Survey on Specific Service Industries
i. Services to Enterprises
ii. Services to Individuals

II. Current Status by Industrial Sector

(Current status and future perspectives of leading 11 service sectors, total 84 markets listed)
1. Information and Telecommunication Services
2. IT Services
3. Infrastructure Services
4. Transportation Services
5. Medical/Long-Term Care/Nursery Services
6. Education/Prep School Services
7. Lifestyle-related Services
8. Restaurant, Food and Beverage Services
9. Travel and Accommodation Services
10. Leisure and Sports-related Services
11. Services for Enterprises

Part II     Trends by Sector

I. Information and Telecommunications

1. Broadcasting
2. Newspapers
3. Publication of Books and Magazines
4. Telecommunication Services (Telephone (fixed, portal))
5. Internet Service Providers (ISP)
6. Electronic Books

II. IT Services

1. ecommerce (B2C)
2. ecommerce (C2C)
3. SNS (Social Networking Service), Toll-Free Calls, Messenger Applications
4. Digital Contents Delivery
5. Portal/Search Engine/Websites

III.   Infrastructure Services

1. Electricity
2. Gas
3. Railways
4. Aviation 

IV.   Transportation Services

1. Home Delivery Services, Mail Delivery Services
2. Taxi
3. Highway Express Bus Services
4. Car Rental, Car Sharing
5. Car parking
6. Moving Services

V. Medical/Long-Term Care/Nursery Services

1. Medical, Hospitals
2. Long-Term Care Services (Home or Visiting)
3. Paid Elderly Care Facilities
4. Group Home (Condominium) with Care
5. Housing for Senior with services
6. Support Services for Senior
7. Childcare services

VI.   Education/Prep School Services

1. Gifted child education
2. Prep Schools
3. Qualification Test Preparatory Schools
4. E-learning
5. Cultural Hobby Centers
6. Language Schools
7. Correspondence Education and Online Learning
8. Driver's License Schools  

VII.   Lifestyle-related Services

1. Hairdressing
2. Aesthetic Salons
3. Hair Care Salons
4. Cleaning Services
5. Banks (city banks, trust banks, local banks, credit unions, online banks)
6. Securities
7. Insurance (life insurance, non-life insurance)
8. Consumer Financing (Consumer Credit)
9. Credit Cards
10. Real Estate Agencies
11. Housing Renovation, Maintenance, Repairing Services
12. Home Security
13. Wedding-related Services
14. Funeral Services
15. Automobile Maintenance Services
16. Housekeeping Support Services
17. Laundromat/Launderette
18. Pet-related Services
19. Coin Lockers
20. Storage Business

XIII. Restaurants, Food and Beverage Services

1. General Restaurants, Diners, Cafes, Fast Food Shops, Bars, etc.
2. Ready-to-eat Food
3. Home Delivery Meals
4. Meal Services
5. Combined Cafes

IX. Travel and Accommodation Services

1. Travel Industry
2. Hotels and Inns
3. Membership Resort Clubs
4. Cruising Businesses
5. Vacation Rental

X.   Leisure and Sports related Services

1. Movies and Cinemas
2. Sports Games and Entertainment Shows/Lives
3. Karaoke Rooms
4. Pachinko Parlor Operation
5. Amusement and Gaming Facilities
6. Amusement Parks, Theme Parks
7. Spas
8. Fitness Clubs
9. Bowling Facilities
10. Golf Courses and Driving Ranges
11. Futsal Grounds
12. eSports

XI.   Services for Enterprises

1. Leasing
2. Advertisement, Advertisement Agencies
3. Event and Activity Management and Operations
4. Store and Trade Show Displays
5. Office Work Outsourcing
6. Personnel Staffing
7. Security Services 
8. Building Maintenance Services
9. Linen Supply Services
10. Enterprise Systems and Software Development
11. Warehousing and Storages
12. Industrial Waste Treatment
13. Law and Accounting Offices
14. Share Offices


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148,000 yen ($1,365.57)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.38 yen , 2021/03/08 Japan)