MaaS Market 2019

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MaaS Services

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MaaS service providers

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I   Forecast of Domestic MaaS Services by Category (Roadmap of Major 18 Services

  1. Relationship with Existing Industries surrounding MaaS
  1. Idea of Maas and Actual Status
  2. Domestic Existing 9 Industries and Maas  
  3. Example of Categorizing MaaS Business
  1. Structure and Categories of MaaS
  1. Definition of MaaS Levels
  2. Categorizing so-called "Level 0 (Not integrated)"
  3. Types of Data that relate to MaaS
  4. Four Relationships of Data between Mobility Services and MaaS
  1. 18 Domestic MaaS Service Systems and Data Flow
  2. Structure of MaaS based on Real Samples and Data Division
  3. Domestic Patent Application Status
  4. Status of Business of and Investment to MaaS (including Overseas)
  1. Relationship Diagram indicating Investment to Global MaaS Service in 2016-2018 (as of Dec 2018)
  2. Major Businesses Invested and Provided Loans
  3. arge Companies Accepting Investment
  1. Future Trends of Domestic MaaS Market
  1. Transportation Administration and Understanding and Prevention of Related Laws and Regulations
  2. Securing and Diversification of Profits
  3. Vision to Perpetuate the Business
  1. Forecast of Transition of MaaS Market Size by 2030
  1. Evaluation of Case Studies of 18 Companies Categorized by SAE
  2. Mobility Service Market Size
  3. Forecast of Domestic Mobility Service Market by 2030
  1. References

II   Global MaaS Market Analysis by Keyword

  1. Definition of MaaS
  2. Transforming Automobile Industry Affected by MaaS
  3. Platform Business in the Era of MaaS
  4. Data is the Decisive Factor of MaaS
  5. How to Gain Profit from MaaS - Toyota's Global MaaS Strategy
  6. Calculation of Size of MaaS and Peripheral Markets
  7. Characteristics of MaaS Market by Global Region
  8. Three Challenges and MaaS in Japan
  9. MaaS to Start Simultaneously with Level-4 Automated Driving Systems
  10. Future of MaaS
  11. MaaS and Payment
  12. The Idea of Sharing Cars
  13. The Idea of Self-Driving Taxis
  14. The Idea of Multimodal

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180,000 yen ($1,626.02)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 110.7 yen , 2020/02/25 Japan)