Market of Cool Japan/Otaku 2018

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150,000 yen ($1,355.01)(excluding consumption tax)
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Otaku Market in Japan

Research Target:

Enterprises and organizations doing business on Anime or Cartoon Films, Comics, Light Novels, Coterie Magazines, Plastic Models, Figures, Dolls, Model Railroads, Popular Idols, Professional Wrestling. Costume Plays Clothing, Services relating to Maids and Costume Plays, Online Gaming, Vocaloid, Military Gaming (Toy Guns/Airsoft Guns)

Research Content:

I    Keys of Survey Results

  1. Transition of Market Size by Category
  2. Trend Summaries by Category
  3. Number of Otaku in Japan Domestically
  4. Estimated Number of Otaku by Category, and Estimated Average Annual Consumption Amount per Person

II   Market Analysis by Category

Definition, Customer Characteristics, Average Amount from One Customer, Market Structure, Market Size, Trends of Leading Companies of Following Markets:

  1. Anime or Cartoon Films
  2. Comics/Manga
  3. Light Novels
  4. Coterie Magazines
  5. Plastic Models
  6. Figures
  7. Dolls
  8. Model Railroads
  9. Popular Idols
  10. Professional Wrestling
  11. Costume Plays Clothing
  12. Services by Girls in Maid Costumes
  13. Online Gaming (for Smartphones)
  14. Vocaloid
  15. Military Gaming (Toy Guns/Airsoft Guns) 

III   Case Studies of Market Players by Category

  1. Companies relating to Anime or Cartoon Films: Seven enterprises
  2. &3. Companies relating to Comics/Light Novels: Four enterprises
  1. Companies relating to Coterie Magazines: Three companies
  2. Companies relating to Plastic Models: Four companies
  3. Companies relating to Figures:  Five companies
  4. Companies relating to Dolls: Three companies
  5. Companies relating to Model Railroads: Two companies
  6. Companies relating to Popular Idols: Five companies
  7. Companies relating to Professional Wrestling: Three companies
  8. Companies relating to Costume Plays Clothing: Two companies
  9. Companies relating to Maids/Costume Play Services: Four companies
  10. Companies relating to Online Gaming: Three companies
  11. Companies relating to Vocaloid: One company
  12. Companies relating to Military Gaming (Toy Guns/Airsoft Guns) : Five companies

IV   Data relating to Otaku-Market-Related Companies

  1. Enterprises relating to Anime or Cartoon Films
  2. &3 Enterprises relating to Comics/Light Novels
  1. Enterprises relating to Coterie Magazines
  2. Enterprises relating to Plastic Models
  3. Enterprises relating to Figures
  4. Enterprises relating to Dolls
  5. Enterprises relating to Model Railroads
  6. Enterprises relating to Popular Idols
  7. Enterprises relating to Professional Wrestling
  8. Enterprises relating to Costume Plays Clothing
  9. Enterprises relating to Maids and Costume Plays Services
  10. Enterprises relating to Online Gaming
  11. Enterprises relating to Vocaloid
  12. Enterprises relating to Military Gaming (Toy Guns/Airsoft Guns)

V   Consumer Survey on "Otaku"

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150,000 yen ($1,355.01)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 110.7 yen , 2020/02/25 Japan)