Japan ought to be a Domestic and International “Game Changer” Toward Realization of Hydrogen Society


The Sale of Toll Holdings in Australia, and the Investment in Rakuten Group; It is Time to Think Over the Governance of Japan Post and Accountability to the National Interests


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The Business of Consolidated Transport Systems with Passengers and Freight by Shinkansen – High-speed Logistics “MaaS” Increases the Possibilities of Regional Revitalization


Agreement on Reinforcing Economic Partnership at Japan-China Foreign Ministers’ Meeting while “China Risk” Expands with Qualitative Change Behind the Scenes


Walmart Sold Its Stake in Seiyu to KKR and Rakuten – The Challenge is How to Reinforce Real Stores


Movement for Carbon-Free Society Gaining Momentum – Water Resources to be Utilized to the Utmost as Energy


The latest Chinese Report from Yano Research Institute Shanghai Ltd. (Shanghai) – "Economic Recovery is Real." Simultaneously, It Is Associated with Increased Risks Beyond the Economic Framework


Controversy Over the Ocean Release of the Contaminated Water, Recovery of Trust in the Nuclear Energy Policy is Essential


In Consideration of the Military Coup in Myanmar and the Words of Mr. Mori, President of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee – Corporate “Principle", its Message Should be Delivered to the Public for a Successful Corporate Branding


Key to Overcome the Challenge of Coronavirus Crisis – Timeline Chart That Shows the Days to Normal Life is Desired


Serious Gap Between Electricity Supply and Demand-Further Reformation is Indispensable for the Realization of Sustainable Electric Power Network


The Imabari Shipbuilding and JMU Alliance, A New Joint Venture Company Starts, Aiming to Revitalize Japan as a New Shipbuilding Superpower


“Interim Settlement” of Measures for the COVID-19 Should be Carried Out Before the “Second Wave”


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