Reorganization of Tokyo Stock Exchange; Qualitative Market Reform to Create Innovation is Desired


Revelation of Hino Motors’ Data Falsification; Automotive Industry Should Make Sincere Efforts to Assure the Product Quality


Risk of Cyberattacks Growing; A Whole-of-Society Approach is Needed to Enhance the Level of Cybersecurity


Hong Kong Takes a Tough Line against the Spirit of Patriotism; There May be Similar Germs Lurking inside Japan


Russian Must Immediately Withdraw Troops! Can the World Stem the Tide toward Authoritarianism?


Inflation Control or Economic Growth; Which is the Top Priority? Russia’s Breaking Away from the International Society and the Resulting Impacts Expanding


Next-Generation Synchrotron Radiation and New Industry-Academia Co-creation Scheme Opens Up Possibilities for Tohoku Region


Marine Container Transportation Crisis Turns into Another Phase: Russia Breaks Up Global Supply Chain Networks


An Automobile Parts Manufacturer, Marelli Seeks Financial Help. Harmonious Coexistence and Mutual Prosperity in the Entire Supply-Chain Network to be Fulfilled?


Sogo & Seibu Going Up for Sale; Can They Find a Way to Get Out of Being “Needless”?


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Fraudulently Intervenes in the Shareholders’ General Meeting at the Request of Toshiba – Both Required to Fulfill their Accountability to Regain Trust


One Step in Advance for the Fulfillment of Unmanned Operation; Demonstration Test of Autonomous Navigation on a Large Ferry Successfully Completed


The Shift to EVs Accelerated – Required is a Further Change to be Made As Quickly As If You Feel Everything Has Changed Overnight


Aviation Industry Started Moving Forward and Regional Revitalization is Gaining Momentum toward the Post-COVID-19 World; What to Prioritize Now is Normalization of the Society – Tokyo Needs to Make Brave Decisions!


Toward Sustainable Fisheries, Comprehensive Measures for the Revitalization of Fishing Communities and Enhancement of Japan’s Presence in the International Communities are essentially Needed


The World Economic Outlook for 2021 Revised Upward – The Imbalance behind The Economic Recovery Path Will be a New Risk


H2O Group Wins the Takeover Battle for Kansai Super Market; However, Structural Reform of the Retail Industry is still in Progress


The Largest-Ever Economic Stimulus Package: Real Value is Judged by the Contents. Decisive Budget Formulation to Apply a Brake to “Shrinkage” is Wanted


Elimination of Disparities and Divisions among Nations Required to Overcome COVID-19 Pandemic and Confront Climate Problems


Toshiba Break-up: Is Any Kind of Risk Involved in a Plan to Split-Up with a View to Rationalization?