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Future for Hospitals 2018

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Geographic Coverage: Japan
Industry: Medical / Healthcare
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Future of Hospitals

Research Target:

Private Small-to-Mid-Size Hospitals

Research Content:

I   Changes of Market Environment surrounding Hospital Operation

  • Accumulating Challenges to Cope with
  1. Ever increasing cost of social security and tight national finance
  2. Can government force nations to endure pains?
  3. According to Survey on Economic Conditions in Health Care, increase of salary has suppressing the hospital operation
  4. Public hospitals being at the crossroads
  5. Working-Style reforms have also become a burden for hospital operation
  • Simultaneous Revision of Medical Fee/Long-Term Care Fee Payment System
  1. Revised remuneration for medical care will go below the current remuneration as a whole by 1.19%, while remuneration for long-term care will be raised by 0.55%
  2. Four aspects in 2018 Revision of Medical Fee/Long-Term Care Fee Payment System
  3. How to rectify the distortion of hospital treatment
  4. With regard to outpatient care, the function of family doctor should be enhanced
  5. With regard to medical care at home, infrastructure should be enhanced
  • How Hospital should Exist at the Era of Community Health Care Vision
  1. As a result, the pressure to reduce hospital beds has become ever stronger
  2. Shift from competition-oriented hospital operation to connection-oriented hospital operation
  3. Must reconsider disparity in revenues between medical care for an acute phase and chronic phase/psychiatric care
  4. It has become an era that even social medical care corporations are difficult to exist
  5. Can Corporation for Promoting Medical Institution Partnership show off its exist under the new system for medical care to be provided?
  6. Existence of medical facilities for long-term care in the society where many lives are lost
  • A new phase arrives for medical care at home
  1. Hospital groups whose location concentrated in the large metropolitan cities

II   Private Small-and-Mid-size Hospitals Whose Existence  Being Considered as Doubtful

  • Private Small-and-Mid-size Hospitals Forced to Be Reduced
  • Strategies of Operation of Private Small-and-Mid-size Hospitals Trying to be Sustainable

III   Actual Status of Hospitals Viewed from DPC Data

IV   Case Studies of Strategies at Private Small-to-Mid-Size Hospitals

V   Questionnaire to Private Small-to-Mid-Size Hospitals

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