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Future of Hospitals 2018

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Future of Hospitals

Research Target:

Private Small-to-Mid-Size Hospitals

Research Content:

I   Changes of Market Environment surrounding Hospital Operation

  • Accumulating Challenges to Cope with

- Ever increasing cost of social security and tight national finance

- Can government force nations to endure pains?

- According to Survey on Economic Conditions in Health Care, increase of salary has suppressing the hospital operation

- Public hospitals being at the crossroads

- Working-Style reforms have also become a burden for hospital operation

  • Simultaneous Revision of Medical Fee/Long-Term Care Fee Payment System

- Revised remuneration for medical care will go below the current remuneration as a whole by 1.19%, while remuneration for long-term care will be raised by 0.55%

- Four aspects in 2018 Revision of Medical Fee/Long-Term Care Fee Payment System

- How to rectify the distortion of hospital treatment

- With regard to outpatient care, the function of family doctor should be enhanced

- With regard to medical care at home, infrastructure should be enhanced

  • How Hospital should Exist at the Era of Community Health Care Vision

- As a result, the pressure to reduce hospital beds has become ever stronger

- Shift from competition-oriented hospital operation to connection-oriented hospital operation

- Must reconsider disparity in revenues between medical care for an acute phase and chronic phase/psychiatric care

- It has become an era that even social medical care corporations are difficult to exist

- Can Corporation for Promoting Medical Institution Partnership show off its exist under the new system for medical care to be provided?

- Existence of medical facilities for long-term care in the society where many lives are lost

  • A new phase arrives for medical care at home

- Hospital groups whose location concentrated in the large metropolitan cities

II   Private Small-and-Mid-size Hospitals Whose Existence  Being Considered as Doubtful

  • Private Small-and-Mid-size Hospitals Forced to Be Reduced
  • Strategies of Operation of Private Small-and-Mid-size Hospitals Trying to be Sustainable

III   Actual Status of Hospitals Viewed from DPC Data

IV   Case Studies of Strategies at Private Small-to-Mid-Size Hospitals

V   Questionnaire to Private Small-to-Mid-Size Hospitals

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