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Quantum Dot Display Components Market 2017

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Quantum dot display components

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Quantum dot display manufacturers, QD display components manufacturers

Research Content:

I   Current Status and Perspectives of Quantum Dot Display Components Market

  • Should aim being the standard of large TV displays
  • Whether the components used only for high-end products or can be introduced in volume-zone products?
  • Wider acceptance of quantum dot (QD) used TVs in the latter half of 2017 and later will be the base of market expansion for the future.
  • How is it possible to appeal the values worth raising costs
  • Cadmium-free displays trades off high-luminance and color reproducibility
  • By reducing the volume to use them, there are moves to attempt maintaining both performance and responding to environmental safety

II   Trends of Quantum Dot Display Components Market

  1. QD Components Market
  • Makers should develop those QD components that matches user needs and market characteristics
  • Because the demand is likely to expand from mid-2017, makers, one after another, start mass producing QD components from 1Q
  • Technology to design binders/resins that brings about better performance of QD particles can be the differentiation factor
  • Whether to choose performance or to prevent risks
  • User needs and reginal characteristics against use of cadmium are likely to decide the direction of product development
  • Progress is seen in the development of QLED display which USE QD as light source
  • The direction of QD display will be questioned after commercializing QLED displays
  1. Market of Barrier Films for QD Sheets
  • Adjustment of balance between price and quality is likely to influence the direction of future barrier films
  • As creditability of QD materials has been improved, more lower-priced barrier films have started being adopted
  • The production methods have shifted from sputtering to evaporation
  • Transparent evaporation film-used laminated type of barrier films for QD sheets have started being introduced
  • Sputtering type of barrier films have been replaced to lower cost ones
  • 3M has started external sales of sputtered barrier films for QD sheets
  • DNP was the first to sell transparent evaporation films for laminated types
  1. QD Sheets
  • Producing of good qality/performance, low-cost, and cadomium-free products can differentiate from rivals
  • Makers of optical components for displays have actively entered the market and are to start mass producing one after another
  • The products should include cadomium for the Chinese market, while the products for the Japanese market should be free of cadomium and should have high performance
  • Currently, those cadomium-free products are developed only by Mirae Nanotech, Glotec, and WAH HONG
  • From procuring materials and components to the final production, all the makers that pertain to manufacturing of QD displays should cooperate with each other to understand the needs of the users and create systems to respond to their demands

III   Trends of Market Players

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