Cosmetics Industry 2023

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Cosmetics Industry

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cosmetics brand manufacturers, business cosmetics manufacturers, cosmetics ingredients manufacturers/traders, cosmetics container manufacturers, cosmetics wholesalers, and cosmetics retailers

Research Content:

Through the research to cosmetics-related companies on the cosmetics dealings and the analysis of market strategies, this report gives an insight to the status of the current cosmetics market and the perspectives for the future.


I   Cosmetics Market Overview

  1. FY2021 Cosmetics Market in Japan
    - Domestic cosmetics market for FY2022 showed obvious recovery, with remarkable growth in makeup market.
  2. Future Direction and Projections for Cosmetics Market
  3. Cosmetics Market Perspectives for 2030
    1) Progress in the fusion of digital and physical 
    2) Emerge of D2C brands
    3) Increase in the brands geared to Generation Z
    4) Significant growth in exporting of Japanese cosmetics to ASEAN countries
    5) Import value from emerging Asian countries is increasing, further intensifying competition in the domestic market.
  4. Noteworthy Trends in Cosmetics Market
    1) Total exported value to China in 2022 decelerated at 754.4 billion yen, 95.4% of previous year.
    2) Imported value of South Korean cosmetics exceeded that of France to reach the top. South Korean cosmetics have become dominant.
    3) The cosmetics industry propels to reduce environmental loads for SDGs
    4) Digital transformation throughout a business model from manufacturing to sales have accelerated in the cosmetics industry.
    5) Soaring costs have caused the cosmetics industry to revise prices and reconsider the ingredients used.
    6) Progress in digital transformation has encouraged the emerge of D2C brands, while increasing new entrants and M&A among major companies.
    7) Cosmetics business strengthened among general trading companies
    8) Increase in the number of treatments at aesthetic medicine is attracting attention on medical cosmetics
    9) As a labeling for new sunscreen standard, i.e., "UV Percentage of water resistance" has started, the sun protection market is brisk.
    10) Against a backdrop of influx of South Korean pop culture into Japan, increasing numbers of brands started using South Korean celebrities for advertisement.
  5. R&D Strategies at Cosmetics Manufacturers
  6. 6. Production Strategies at Cosmetics Manufacturers
  7. Trend of Cosmetics OEM Market
  8. Trend of Cosmetics Ingredients Market
  9. Trend of Cosmetics Containers Market
  10. Trend of Cosmetics Wholesaling Market
  11. Trends of Cosmetics Sales at Major Drugstore Chains
  12. Major Retailer Trends
  13. Status and Perspectives on Cosmetics-Mall Type Ecommerce Sites

II   Market Trend by Product Category

  1. Cosmetics Market by Product Category
  2. Skin-Care Market
  3. Make-Up Market
  4. Hair Care Market
  5. Fragrance Market
  6. Men's Cosmetics Market

III   Market Trend by Sales Channel

  1. Market by Sales Channel
  2. Price-Maintained Merchandise
  3. Open Distribution Merchandise 
  4. Door-to-Door Sales Merchandise
  5. Mail-Order Sales Merchandise
  6. Direct Sales Merchandise
  7. Business-Use Merchandise (Merchandise through Beauty Parlors and Barbers)

IV  Marketing Strategies by Leading Enterprises (About 60 Enterprises)

  • Cosmetics Brand Manufacturers: Approx. 39 enterprises
  • Business Use Cosmetics Manufacturers:  Approx. 3 enterprises
  • Cosmetics Ingredient Manufacturers/Traders: Approx. 3 enterprises
  • Cosmetics OEM: Approx. 3 enterprises
  • Cosmetics Container Manufacturers/Dealers: Approx. 3 enterprises
  • Cosmetics Wholesalers: Approx. 4 enterprises
  • Cosmetics Retailers: Approx. 5 enterprises


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150,000 yen ($945.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($1,890.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
450,000 yen ($2,835.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 158.73 yen , 2024/07/17 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type