Digital Content Market 2023

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Digital Contents

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Service providers in digital contents industry and enterprises and organizations dealing with electronic books, video streaming, music streaming, social media, NFT, ecommerce, games, information delivery and internet advertisement

Research Content:

With spread of smartphones and tablets, digital contents have been closely familiar for people in the current era. By segmenting the market into 10 categories including video streaming, music streaming, electronic books, information delivery, as well as online ads and ecommerce, this report gives the insights of the current statuses and perspectives. In the report for FY2023 NFT has been added.


I    Platformer Trends

  • Alphabet Inc
  •, Inc
  • Apple Inc.
  • Z Holdings Corporation
  • LINE Corporation
  • Rakuten Group, Inc.

II   Social Media


  1. Structure of Social Media
  2. Types of Social Media and Their Culture
  3. Number of Users, User Trends
  4. Revenue Models and Types of Advertisement
  5. Ranking of Influencers
  6. Hot Topics and Challenges in Social Media Market

III   Electronic Books


  1. Revenue Models
  2. Market Structure (Publisher, Distributor, Electronic Book Store)
  3. Market Size and Market Share (Comics, Books, Magazines)
  4. Trends by Business
    1) Publisher
    2) Electronic Book Store
    3) Distributor (Agency)
    4) Free-of-Charge Manga Offers
    5) Trends of Electronic-Book Release Date
  5. Topics at Electronic Book Market
    1) Potential of Subscription Service
    2) Sales Promotions
    3) Training and Exploration of Writers

■Strategic Analysis on Major Company: MEDIA DO Co., Ltd.

IV   Video Streaming


  1. Categorization of Video Streaming Services
    1) Types of Video Streaming Services and Form of Service Offering
    2) Video Sharing Services
    3) Live Streaming
  2. Industrial Structure
  3. Market Size and Market Share
  4. Trends by Business
    1) Business by TV Stations
    2) Business by Telecommunication Vendors
    3) Others
  5. UGC Video Streaming Service Trends

■Strategic Analysis on Major Company: U-NEXT

V   Music Streaming


  1. Revenue Models
  2. Industrial Structure
  3. Market Size
  4. Characteristics of Music Market in Japan
  5. User Trends
  6. Topics in Music Streaming Market
    1) Alignment with Live Ticket Sales
    2) Direct Contract with Artists
  7. Corporate Trends in Overseas Music Streaming Market

■Strategic Analysis on Major Companies:

  • AWA Co., Ltd.
  • Spotify Technology S.A

VI   Ecommerce


  1. Ecommerce Market Size
  2. Trends in Three Major Mall Businesses
  • Amazon Japan G.K./
  • Rakuten Group, Inc.
  • Z Holdings Corporation
  1. Expansion of Online Supermarket Business Accelerated amid Pandemic
  2. Fusion of Stores and Ecommerce Based on Digital Marketing
  3. Last Mile Delivery Logistics Trends

■Strategic Analysis on Major Companies:

  • ZOZO, Inc.
  • Oisix ra daichi Inc.
  • ASKUL Corporation

VII    Internet Advertisements


  1. Types and Outline of Internet Advertisements
  2. Industrial Structure
  3. Market Size and Trends
  4. Trends by Business
  5. Topics in Internet Advertisement Market
    1) Video Advertisement
    2) Problems in Internet Advertisement
    3) AI Utilization

■Strategic Analysis on Major Company: CyberAgent, Inc.

VIII   Games


  1. Types of Game Forms and Revenue Models
    1) Consumer Game
    2) Games Designed for Smartphones
    3) Games Designed for PC
  2. Market Structure
  3. Market Size of Game Industry
  4. Topics in Game Market
    1) Expansion of Game Subscription Services
    2) Potential of VR
    3) Efforts of eSports in Japan
  5. Trends of Game Market in China

■Strategic Analysis on Major Company: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

IX    Information Delivery


Information Delivery Media Trends
1) Web Media
2) Major Internet Services
3) Information Delivery using Social Media
4) Gourmet Websites
5) "Female" Genre Services
6) Travel Reservation Websites

X   NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

  1. Definition of NFT
    1) Outline
    2) History
    3) About Blockchain
    4) About Gas Price (Commission Fee)
  2. NFT Case Studies
    1) Art
    2) Game
    3) Trading Cards
    4) Fashion
    5) Music
  3. Marketplace
  4. Topics
  5. Challenges
  6. Potential of NFT


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150,000 yen ($945.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($1,890.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
450,000 yen ($2,835.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 158.73 yen , 2024/07/17 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type