Confectionery Industry: Widely Distributed Confectionery Products 2023

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Widely Distributed Confectionery: chocolate, cookies/biscuits, rice crackers, beans snacks, potato/corn snacks/chips, crisps, chewing gums, candies/toffees/gummies)

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Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and consumers

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While the market had enjoyed special demand from at home spending amid the corona crisis until 2021, such robust demand calmed down in FY2022 as the society experienced transition to after corona. Replacing this was the recovered demand for local confectionery or pocket-size snacks & sweets, and the resume of inbound demand that started affecting affirmatively.
In particular, snacks and gummies showed favorable sales. Although FY2022 saw price revisions for a wide range of products, boosting the shipment value as a whole, snacks and gummies (including candies with gummies inside) increased the demand, which could expect high growth rate.
As the raw material cost continued increasing without any sign of slowing down, each company began focusing on developing high-added value products to raise the unit price per purchase. This brought about a series of value-added product releases, including products that gave per-piece satisfaction, or those with the healthy values, which led to steadfast sales.
This research has analyzed business/product/marketing strategies for approximately 40 companies, centered on manufacturers and wholesalers. Based on the analysis, the report contains the estimated market size for FY2022, the forecasts for FY2023-FY2027.


I   Entire Market Trends of Widely Distributed Confectionery

  1. Widely Distributed Confectionery Market Trends
    1) Entire Market Size Transition
    2) Market Size Transitions by Product Category and Overviews
    3) Composition Ratio by Region
    4) Composition Ratio by Channel
    5) Market Size Forecast (FY2023-FY2027)
  2. Topics in Market
    1) Confectionery Appealing to Healthiness Recognized and Stabilized
    2) Trends of Overseas Development
    3) Capital Investment Trends in Confectionery Manufacturers
    4) Widely Distributed Confectionery Market after Corona
    5) Efforts to Achieve Sustainability

II   Market Player Ranking

III    Trends by Product Category

  1. Chocolate
  2. Biscuits
  3. Rice Crackers and Other Rice Confectionery
  4. Beans Snacks and Confectionery
  5. Snacks and Crisps
  6. Chewing gums
  7. Candies, Toffees and Gummies
  8. Other Confectionery Products
  9. Imported Confectionery and Sweets

IV   Trends of Confectionery-Related Markets

  1. Markets of Japanese Sweets, Western Sweets and Desserts
  2. Health Food Market
  3. FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Uses) Market
  4. Grains and Cereal Foods Market
  5. Trends of Confectionery and Nutrient-Controlled Food 

V    Noteworthy Company Profiles

  • Confectionery Manufacturers: 32 companies
  • Confectionery Wholesalers/Importers: 4 companies


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120,000 yen ($756.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($1,512.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($2,268.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 158.73 yen , 2024/07/17 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type