IoT (Internet of Things)/M2M (Machine to Machine) Market 2022

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Global , Japan


180,000 yen ($1,333.23)
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360,000 yen ($2,666.47)
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540,000 yen ($3,999.70)
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IoT and M2M

Research Target:

Industries of Energy, Distribution/Logistics, Surveillance of Facilities/Equipment, Automobiles and others

Research Content:

I. IoT/M2M Market Outline

1.IoT/M2M Market Outline
(1) IoT and M2M
(2) Outlook on Utilization of M2M/IoT by Category
i. Manufacturing/Factories
ii. Logistics/Warehouse
iii. Distribution/Retail
iv. Surveillance/Security
v. Social Infrastructure
vi. Smart City
vii. Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry/Animal Husbandry
(3) Perspectives of 5G IoT (Cellular 5G IoT/Local 5G IoT)
(4) Perspectives of Local 5G 
(5) Noteworthy Trends: 1) IT Solutions for Social Infrastructure 
(6) Noteworthy Trends: 2) Remote Monitoring for LPG Tanks (Centralized Management System)
2.M2M Market Size
3. Breakdown of M2M Market
4. Transition of Domestic M2M Market Trends and Market Size by Category (FY2017-FY2025)
(1) Energy
(2) Distribution/Logistics
(3) Wholesale/Retail
(4) Surveillance of Facilities/Equipment
(5) Automobiles 
(6) Healthcare
(7) Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fishery
(8) Social Infrastructure
(9) Surveillance/Security Services
(10) Property Management/Structural Health Monitoring
(11) Pet Monitoring System
(12) Environmental Monitoring
5.IoT Market Trends
(1) Transition of IoT Market Size
(2) Value Created by IoT and Surrounding Environment
(3) Trends of IoT Networks
ii. WiFi HaLow (IEEE.802.11ax)
iii. Wi-SUN
iv. MBS (Metropolitan Beacon System)
(4) Perspectives of Local 5G (Local 5G IoT)
(5) IoT for Manufacturing Industry/Plants
6.Considerations on Remote Monitoring System for Manufacturing/Plants using IoT 
(1) Remote Monitoring System for Manufacturers/Plants
(2) IoT-based Remote Monitoring System and Enhancement of Maintenance Technology
(3) Change in Business Model Stemming from Adoption of IoT-based Monitoring System
(4) IoT-based Remote Monitoring by Instrument/Device Makers
(5) Results of Business Operator Survey (Questionnaire targeted to Monitoring System Users) 
(6) Outlook on Penetration of IoT-based Remote Monitoring System
7.M2M/IoT Business Trends at Leading Businesses
8.M2M/IoT Utilization Case Studies by Category
(1) Manufacturing
(2) Transportation/Logistics/Warehousing
(3) Construction/Real Estate/Building Management
(4) Distribution/Services/Event Management
(5) Surveillance/Security/Safety/Crime Prevention
(6) Agriculture/Animal Husbandry
(7) Social Infrastructure
(8) Healthcare/Medical Care

II.  Trends by Category 

1. Energy
2. Distribution/Transportation/Logistics
3. Surveillance of Facilities/Equipment
4. Automobiles
5. Others
(1) Market Size Transition (based on cumulative domestic M2M connectivity)
(2) Trends by Category 
i. Healthcare
ii. Agriculture/Animal Husbandry/Fishery
iii. Social Infrastructure 
iv. Surveillance/Security/Watching Services
v. Property Management/Structural Health Monitoring
vi. Pet Monitoring Systems
vii. Environmental Monitoring

III. Company Profiles 

  • 13 Domestic Companies (including NTT Docomo, Kyocera, and NEC)
  • 8 Overseas Companies (including Cisco, Ericsson, and Telenor)


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180,000 yen ($1,333.23)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($2,666.47)
(excluding consumption tax)
540,000 yen ($3,999.70)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 135.01 yen , 2022/08/09 Japan)