AI Market in China 2020

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AI Companies in China

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AI Companies, Companies related to AI Technology Development, Investment Funds for AI Companies

Research Content:

1. Overview

1.1. Overview on AI Market in China

1.2. Impact of AI Usage in Chinese Society and Economy

1.3. Noteworthy Topics in China

1.4. Issues of AI Usage in China

2. Positioning of Chinese AI Market in the World

2.1. Introduction: View from Japan and Post-Corona China

2.1.1. View of Chinese AI Market from Japan

2.1.2. "Post-Corona" World and China

2.1.3. Current Status of China in "Post-Corona" Period

2.2. Comparison of AI Development in US/China/Japan 

2.2.1.THE AI 100 2020

2.2.2.The Global Unicorn Club

2.2.3. AI Technological Superiority by Field in US/China/Japan

2.2.4. Transition of Number of AI Patents in US/China/Japan

2.3. Trends in Policies Regarding AI in US/China/Japan

2.3.1. US Government 

2.3.2. Japanese Government

2.3.3. Chinese Government

3. Latest Trends of AI Market in China

3.1. Overview of AI Market in China

3.1.1. Transition of Market Size

3.1.2. Distribution by Technological Fields

3.1.3. Geographical Distribution of AI Companies

3.2. Innovative Industry Trends

3.2.1. National AI Open Innovation Platform

3.2.2. National New Generation AI Innovation Model District

3.2.3. Star Market: Science and Technology Innovation Board

3.2.4. Post-Corona Economic Policy of "New Infrastructure Establishment" Plan

3.2.5. Use of AI in Measures Against Corona Virus Infection

3.3. Human Resource Environment for AI in China

3.3.1. Geographical Distribution

3.3.2. Salary Standards

3.3.3. National Certified University Specialized for AI 

4. Trends at Top AI Companies in China

4.1. AI Business Portfolio and Future Strategy of BAT




4.1.4.BAT Summary

4.2. Trends at Major Non-BAT Companies

4.2.1. Huawei

4.2.2. Xiaomi

4.2.3. iFLY-TEK

5. Progress of AI Usage in China

5.1. Trends at Major Players by Technological Fields

5.1.1. Image Recognition (Face Recognition): INTELLIFUSION

5.1.2. Voice Recognition: SoundAI

5.1.3. Natural Language Processing: xiaoi

5.1.4. Deep Learning: SeetaTech

5.1.5. Datamining: MERITDATA

5.1.6. Knowledge Graph: MiningLamp

5.1.7. Graph Computing: ArcSoft

5.1.8. Autonomous Cars: ZongMu

5.2. Trends at Major Players by Industry/Business Fields

5.2.1. Security: HIKVISION

5.2.2. Financial: IceKredit

5.2.3. Call Center: leyantech

5.2.4. Medical/Healthcare: Anxhit

5.2.5. Retail: Malong

5.2.6. Advertising & Publicity: iQIYI

5.2.7. Education: ShadowCreator

5.2.8. Transportation: China Transinfo

5.2.9. Manufacturing: Aqrose

5.2.10. Agriculture: MCFLY

6. Trends at Major Chinese Investment Funds for AI Companies

6.1. AI Investment Environment in China

6.1.1. Transition of Actual Financing for Chinese AI Companies in Last 6 Years (amount/cases)

6.1.2. Financing Cases by Geography in Last 6 Years

6.1.3. Financing Cases by Fields in Last 6 Years

6.1.4. AI Market Investment Ratio by Investment Phase 2014 - 2019Q3 in China

6.1.5. Analysis on Financing of Chinese AI Companies after 2019 

6.2. Major Funds of AI Market

6.2.1. List of Funds with Number of AI-Related Investments (124 companies)

6.2.2. Analysis on 10 Major Funds 

7. Company Profiles of Major Chinese AI Companies

7.1. Correlation Diagram of Chinese AI Players

7.2. Unicorn TOP 50 of Chinese AI Industry

7.2.1. Distribution Status of AI Unicorn

7.2.2. Unicorn Top 50 Company Profiles 


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200,000 yen ($1,823.65)
(excluding consumption tax)
400,000 yen ($3,647.31)
(excluding consumption tax)
600,000 yen ($5,470.96)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.67 yen , 2021/07/31 Japan)