EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) and Noise Suppression Solutions Market 2020

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EMC and noise related solutions, electromagnetic shield, noise suppression etc.

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Manufacturers of near-field solutions, far-field solutions, noted applications that suppress noise, etc.

Research Content:

Chapter1. Near-Field Solutions Market

<Near-Field Electromagnetic Shield>

  1. Introduction
  • Noise Suppression and Characteristics of Near-Field Shield
  • Major Near-Field Shields and its Market Trend
  1. Trends of Leading Players in Near-Filed Electromagnetic Shield
  • Materials for Major In-Cabinet Shields
  • New Trends in In-Cabinet Shields Market

<Noise Suppression Sheets>

  1. Introduction
  • Demand for Countermeasures for “Self-Poisoning” by Smartphones
  • Mechanisms of NSS (Noise Suppression Sheets)
  • Wave Absorber Sheet for Milliwave Rader
  • Magnetic Sheet for RFID and for Wireless Charging
  1. Current Status and Outlook on NSS and Related Market
  • Trends and Outlook in NSS Market
  • Outlook on Milliwave Rader Absorbent Sheet Market
  • Outlook on Magnetic Sheets for RFID / WPT 
  1. Trends in Noteworthy Companies of NSS and Related Products
  • Companies of Magnetic Sheets
  • Companies of Non-magnetic Sheets

Chapter2. Far-Field Solutions Market

< Anechoic Chamber / Wave Absorbers>

  1. Introduction
    • Rapid Increase in In-Vehicle Anechoic Chamber
    • Emergence of Next-Generation Equipment for OTA Tests of 5G Products
  2. Latest Trends of Wave Absorbers
  • 3 Types with Different Absorbing Principles
  • Absorbers for Microwave and Milliwave is the Growth Area
  1. Market Outline of Anechoic Chamber and Wave Absorbers
    • Overseas Market Trends
    • Domestic Market Trends
  2. Latest Trends in Noteworthy Companies of Anechoic Chamber / Wave Absorbers

<Far-Field Electromagnetic Shields>

  1. Introduction
  • High-Frequency Wave is Close to Both Near-Filed and Far-Field
  • Functions of Magnetic Shield and Target Facilities
  • Magnetic Security and Magnetic Shield
  • Overview on Materials of Far-Field Electromagnetic Shield
  1. Trends in Far-Field Shields Market
  • Background and Overview on Overseas Market
  • Size Transition and Outlook on Domestic Market
  • Overview on Domestic Shield Room Market by Segment
  1. Trends in Market Players of Far-Field Electromagnetic Shields

Chapter3. Related Electronic Parts Market

<Circuit Protection Devices>

  1. Introduction
  • Cause and Remedies of Overvoltage
  • Overvoltage Protection Element Market Trends
  1. Lightning Countermeasure Devices and Compound SPD
  • External Lightning Damage Countermeasures and Internal Lightning Damage Countermeasures
  • Types of SPD
  • Latest Market Trends in SPD
  1. Latest Trends in Noteworthy Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Circuit Protection Elements
  • Manufacturers of SPD for Buildings/Facilities

<Filtering Devices>

  1. Introduction
  • Types of Conducted Noise and Countermeasures
  • Characteristics of Filtering Devices
  1. Noteworthy Function of Condensers and EMC Suppression
  • Characteristics of Major Condensers
  • Noise Suppression by Condensers
  1. Noise Suppression by Coil/Inductors and Resistor
    • Types and Characteristics of Coil/Inductors
    • Noise Suppression by Coil/Inductors
    • Noise Suppression by Resistor
  2. Characteristics of Compound Noise Filters
    • Improving Performance of LP (Low-Pass) Filters
    • Onboard, Inlet, and Box Types
  3. Overview on Filtering Devices Market
  • Total Market Size of EMC/Noise Suppression Products
  • Market Size of Noise Suppression by Condensers
  • Market Size of Noise Suppression by Coil/Inductors
  • Market Trends of Compound Noise Filters
  1. Latest Trends at Noteworthy Manufacturers
  • Noteworthy Manufacturers of Condensers
  • Noteworthy Manufacturers of Coil/Inductors, Compound Filters


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150,000 yen ($1,367.74)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($2,735.48)
(excluding consumption tax)
450,000 yen ($4,103.22)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.67 yen , 2021/07/31 Japan)