Container Market 2019

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120,000 yen ($1,092.10)(excluding consumption tax)
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Containers, including light plastic containers, PET bottles, carton and packs, paper cups, aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles, chilled cups, and coffee cups sold at CVS counters

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I   Perspectives and Strategies of Container Market

  • Stable procurement of Sustainable materials is the foremost issue to solve. There is no forecasting of post-straw strategies. 
  • Need to reconstruct the scheme to collect waste containers by an integrated team from the industries of distribution, food, and beverages combined.
  • Plastic container makers are trying to be sustainable by proactively utilizing recycled resin or bioplastics.
  • Environmental-friendly = Value added. New containers should set the prices with the value maximized. 
  • Overseas attempts to address plastic pollution problems (Reference)

II   Perspectives of Light Plastic Container Market

  1. Market Perspectives for PSP Containers
  2. Market Perspectives for Light PP Containers
  3. Light PET Containers Market
  4. Light PS Containers Market
  • Perspectives and Strategies at 8 manufacturers

III   Perspectives of PET Bottle Market

  • Perspectives of PET Bottle Market
  • PET bottle market in 2019 slightly rose to a little over 25 billion bottles
  • While small-size bottles increased slightly, large size ones declined to 94.8% of the size of the previous year.
  • The utmost issue for PET bottles and PF amakers is to secure recycled resins
  • Overabundance of used PET bottles quickly turned to be tightened after expansion of BtoB at brand owners
  • Securing of good-quality materials by building new collection scheme is the social mission for brand owners and distributors
  • BtoB System should be built under brand owners taking initiative
  • Perspectives and Strategies at 6 manufacturers

IV   Perspectives of Paper Container Market

  1. Market Perspectives for Carton Pack for Liquid (with perspectives of 5 manufacturers)
  2. Paper Cup Market Outlook (with perspectives of 4 manufacturers)
  3. Paper Container Market Outlook
  • The demand in food, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, and soaps & detergents
  • The trends of 2 manufacturers

V   Perspectives of Aluminum Can/Steel Can Market

  1. Perspectives of Aluminum Can/Steel Can Markets
  2. Aluminum Can Market Outlook
  3. Steel Can Market Outlook
  • Perspectives and strategies at 6 manufacturers

VI   Perspectives of Glass Bottle Market

Perspectives and strategies at 3 manufacturers

VII   Perspectives of Chilled Cups for Beverages

Perspectives and strategies at 2 manufacturers

VIII   Perspectives of Coffee Cups Sold at CVS Counters

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120,000 yen ($1,092.10)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.88 yen , 2020/02/19 Japan)