Apparel Industry 2019

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apparel and peripheral industries

Research Target:

Manufacturers, importers, sales channels, etc.

Research Content:

I   Market Trends in Apparel Industry

  1. Total Apparel Retail Market and Forecast
  2. Current Status of Apparel Industry
  1. Surviving Strategies in Declining Domestic Textile Industry
  2. Characteristics of Supply Chains in Textile and Apparel Industries
  3. Peripheral Trends of Apparel Industry
  1. Challenges and Perspectives in Apparel Industry
  1. Attempts and Challenges in Domestic Apparel Industry
  2. Perspectives of Apparel Industry (Apparel Makers, Traders and Retailers)
  1. Current Status of Apparel-related Companies from Questionnaire Results
  1. Trends of Apparel-related Companies by Business Form
  2. Results of Questionnaire regarding Apparel Industry Trends
  3. Transition of Import Results by Leading Company and Import Results from China by Item

II   Trends of Apparel Retail Market

  1. Sales Trend of Clothing in Department Stores in 2018
  1. Totals Sales at Nationwide Department Stores and Sales of Clothing from Current Survey of Commerce 
  2. Sales Trend and Recent Status of Large Department Stores
  3. Clothing Sales Trends at Leading Department Stores Nationwide in 2018
  4. Trends in 2018 at Leading Department Stores
  1. Sales Trends at SCs in 2018
  • The sales grew by 0.6% in existing SCs, and 2.3% in all the SCs
  1. Sales Trend of Clothing at Mass Merchandisers in 2018
  • The sales of clothing have been stagnant, but the total sales value rose by 0.9%
  1. Trends at Men's Clothing Specialty Stores in 2018
  2. Trends at Women's Clothing Specialty Stores in 2018
  3. Trends at Jeans Casual Retailers in 2018
  4. Trends at Apparel eCommerce in 2018
  5. trends of Imported Brand Market in 2018-2019

Market By Item

  1. Men's Suits
  2. Men's Jackets
  3. Men's Coats
  4. Men's Trousers
  5. Men's Shirts
  6. Women's Suits
  7. Women's Formal Clothing
  8. Women's Dresses
  9. Women's Jackets
  10. Women's Coats
  11. Women's Bottoms
  12. Women's Shirts
  13. Sweaters
  14. T-Shirts
  15. Polo Shirts
  16. Jeans Products
  17. Baby's and Children's Clothing
  18. Men's Underwear
  19. Women's Underwear

III   Reference

  1. Trends of Household Expenditure for Clothing from "Family Income and Expenditure Survey"
  2. Statistics of Imported Clothing

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130,000 yen ($1,167.59)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.34 yen , 2020/02/20 Japan)