Veterinary and Pet Hospitals 2019

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Veterinary and Pet Hospitals

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Veterinary and Pet Hospitals nationwide

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Surrounding business environment and operational directions
(1) Trend in number of establishments
(2) Trend in number of veterinarians
(3) Trend in number of dogs and cats
(4) Operational directions


  1. Medical treatment status in animal hospitals
    1. Number of animals under treatment per day
    2. Kinds of animals under treatment
    3. Tendency of increase/decrease by animal type
  2. Drugs and medical products used in animal hospitals
    1. Component of drugs
    2. Effective medical products for specific diseases
    3. Medical products most frequently used
    4. Medical products which may become increasingly important
  3. Status and outlook on medical apparatus/equipements/system
    1. Kinds of apparatuses introduced
    2. Kinds of apparatuses to be introduced 
    3. Electronic clinical record system
    4. Kinds of apparatuses that may be vital in the future
  4. Status and needs of clinical examination
    1. Sample tests/Clinical laboratory tests
    2. Image diagnosis
  5. Dietetic treatment
  6. Evaluation on major business suppliers
  7. Evaluation and directions on Pet Insurance
    1. Service usage level
    2. Brands of Pet Insurance
    3. Evaluation on Pet Insurance
    4. Future direction of Pet Insurance
  8. Business directions of animal hospitals
    1. Sales structure and Growth Outlook
    2. Manamement Challenges
    3. Patient-attracting strategy and evaluation
  9. Viewpoints on medical treatment and animal hospital business management

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400,000 yen ($3,630.75)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 110.17 yen , 2020/01/19 Japan)