Retail Foreign Exchange Trading Market 2018/2019

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120,000 yen ($1,155.29)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($2,310.58)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($3,465.87)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.87 yen , 2021/01/17 Japan)

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Retail foreign exchange trading

Research Target:

Retail foreign exchange trading dealers

Research Content:

I   Market Overview

  1. Market Trends
  1. Environment surrounding the industry
  2. Number of market players
  3. Recent industrial developments
  1. Market Size of Over-the-Counter Trading
  1. Transition of deposited margin balance (market size)
  2. Market share by deposited margin balance
  3. Number of accounts
  4. Market share by number of accounts
  5. Transaction volume
  1. Market Share of Click365
  1. Market share of Click365 by deposit balance
  2. Market share of Click365 by number of account
  3. Market share of Click365 by transaction volume
  1. Business Strategies (Current Status, Challenges, Future Strategies)
  2. Enhancement of Risk Management for Settlement
  1. Most recent specific measures and attempts
  2. Upcoming measures and attempts
  3. Influence to the industry regarding severer Capital Adequacy Ratio
  4. Coping with RegTech
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of leverage restriction
  1. Industrial Challenges and Future Outlook

II   Market Details

  1. Profitability
  1. Transition of sales performances
  2. State of profits
  1. Diversification of Income Sources
  1. Diversifying the sources of income
  2. Intention to enter stock-exchange transactions
  3. Intention to adopt CFD, binary options
  4. Intention to adopt system trading, automatic sales/purchases
  5. Intention to do B-to-B with fellow-traders
  6. Measures to enhance acquiring corporate customers
  7. Intention to develop business overseas
  1. New Business Development Taking Account of Group Strategies
  1. Alignment with different industries,
  2. Development and Planning of Virtual Currency Business
  3. Synergy of Virtual Currency Business and FX Business and Influence
  4. Whether or not there are other new business development, its sales performance if any, trends and synergy with FX business
  1. Policies towards Customers
  1. Measures to acquire new customers
  2. Measures to attract existing customers
  3. Measures to increase operating rates of existing customers
  4. Future target base
  1. Advertisement Strategies and Reconsideration
  1. Advertisement strategies and new advertisement and contents reviewing
  2. Media to use for advertisement
  3. Annual advertisement expenses, costs needed to acquire new customers per customer
  1. Transaction Records
  1. Annual number of new customers acquired
  2. Number of accounts actually working
  3. Average deposited balance per account
  4. Structure by range of deposited margin amount
  5. Transaction amount by currency
  1. Customer Attributes
  1. Transaction status
  2. Structure of customers by age
  3. Structure of customers by gender
  4. Structure of customers by age and by gender
  1. Product Policies
  1. Overview of products
  2. Changes in the existing products
  3. Changes in spread
  1. CFD, Balance/Number of Accounts/Volume of Business of Binary Options, Transition of Transactions

III   Company Profiles

12 enterprises


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120,000 yen ($1,155.29)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($2,310.58)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($3,465.87)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.87 yen , 2021/01/17 Japan)