Automotive Aftermarket 2019

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Aftermarket regarding new cars, used cars, auto auctions, auto leasing, rent-a-car, car accessories, repair parts, re-cycling parts, auto repair business, auto repair equipment, car insurance, gas stations and parking lots

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New car dealers, Used-car dealers, Rental car businesses, Car sharing businesses, Automobile Supply shops, Auto care service providers, Gas (Petrol) station operators

Research Content:

I    Status and Future Outlook of Automotive Aftermarket

  1. Definition of Automotive Aftermarket
  2. Size of Automotive Aftermarket
  3. Environment surrounding Automotive Aftermarket
  1. Transition of number of new cars sold
  2. Transition of number of used cars registered
  3. Trends in possession of cars
  4. Number of people who have driver’s license (2017)
  5. Transition of annual expenditure for automobile maintenance
  6. The influence of automotive aftermarket affected by external environment
  1. Future Outlook of Automotive Aftermarket
  1. Future Direction of Leading Market Players by Business Form

II    Used Car Market

  1. Used Car Sales Market
  2. Used Car Export Market
  3. Used Car Purchase Market
  4. Auto Auction Market

III    Automobile Leasing Market

  1. Auto Leasing Market
  2. Rental Car Market
  3. Car Sharing Market

IV    Automobile Parts, Accessories and Supplies Market

  1. Automobile Supplies Market
  2. Repair Parts Market
  3. Recycle Parts Market

V     Auto Care (Maintenance) Market

  1. Auto Care Market
  2. Auto Care Equipment Market

VI     Additional Service Markets

  1. Automobile Insurances
  2. Road Services (a troubleshooting service for a car that has encountered a problem while driving, such as having a flat tire.)
  3. Gas (Petrol) Stations
  4. Customer Management Systems

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165,000 yen ($1,478.63)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.59 yen , 2020/02/22 Japan)