Bread and Roll Market 2019

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130,000 yen ($1,179.03)
(excluding consumption tax)
260,000 yen ($2,358.06)
(excluding consumption tax)
390,000 yen ($3,537.09)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 110.26 yen , 2021/06/19 Japan)

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Bread and Rolls

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Domestic makers and retailers

Research Content:

I   Newsworthy Industrial Trends

  1. Market Outline: Structural Shift Ongoing
  2. Product Trends
  3. Company Trends: Fierce competition continues among different business forms and different industries
  4. Channel Trends: Market Share by channel in 20 years
  5. Rolls Sold at Convenience Store in a Transition stage
  6. Leading Bakeries Developing New Business Forms and Proactive in Overseas Business
  7. Overseas Business Development by Makers and Bakeries
  8. Future of Prestige Pullman Bread Boom
  9. Long-life Bread & Rolls and Tinned Bread and Rolls Attracting Attention for Storage and Support
  10. Low-Carbo Bread Widely Known for Weight Loss
  11. Bread and Roll Market Pays Attention on Long-Term Care and Treatment of Disease
  12. Frozen Bread and Rolls Expands Sales for Demands in Business Hotels, Bridal Business, and Izakaya-style Bars and Diners
  13. Pearled Barley Attracts Attention as Swallowing Assisting Food
  14. How Decreasing Birthrate and Aging Population Affects Bread and Rolls Market

II   Current Market Analysis and Perspectives

  1. Transition of Bread and Rolls Market Size
  2. Sales Ratio by Product (FY2017)
  3. Sales Ratio by Channel (FY2017)
  4. Sales Ratio by Region (FY2017)
  5. Market Share by Maker (FY2017)
  6. Market Share by Product (FY2017)
  • Pullman/English Loaves, Table Rolls, Sweet rolls, Savory Rolls, Danish Pastries, French Bread, Sandwiches and Rolls with Cooked Fillings, Frozen Bread and Rolls
  1. Market Share by Maker by Channel (FY2017)
  2. Market Share by Maker by Region (FY2017)
  3. Trends by Product
  4. Trend Analysis of End Retailer
  1. Mass merchandisers
  2. CVS
  3. Bakeries
  4. Drugstores
  5. Food Service Providers (Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels)
  1. Factors For Bread and Rolls Market to Expand/Shrinking, and Perspectives for 2022
  2. Forecast of Bread and Rolls Market Size

III   Market Strategy Analysis regarding Leading Companies

  1. Basic Policies and Directions
  2. Product Policy
  3. Production and Hygiene Management
  4. Attempts of Oven-Fresh Bread and Rolls, Frozen Bread Doughs
  5. Directly Operated Shops and Franchise Stores
  6. Convenience Stores, Mass Merchandisers, COOP
  7. Promotions, Distribution
  8. Future Market Strategies

IV    Sales of Bread and Rolls Sold at End Channels

  1. Characteristics of Store Location
  2. Characteristics of Well-Selling Products and Prices
  3. Trends of Recent Characteristic Products
  4. New Product Releases, Timing to discontinue, newly release the products
  5. Where to Acquire Information on Product Development and Sales
  6. How to Collect Consumer Information
  7. Utilization of Internet
  8. Future Services for Customers
  9. What to Place Importance on Preparation
  10. Status of Utilizing Frozen Doughs and Frozen Breads and Rolls
  11. Discontents and Request to Suppliers of Ingredients
  12. Products and Materials thought to sell well or to attract attention

V    Survey on Bread and Rolls Consumed by Housewives

VI   Profiles of Attention-Attracting Companies (30 Enterprises)

VII   Nationwide Bread and Roll Makers (308 enterprises)

VIII   Nationwide Bread related Companies (179 Enterprises)


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130,000 yen ($1,179.03)
(excluding consumption tax)
260,000 yen ($2,358.06)
(excluding consumption tax)
390,000 yen ($3,537.09)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 110.26 yen , 2021/06/19 Japan)