Future for Hospitals 2019

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Future of Hospitals

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Administrative authorities, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers of medicines, people with relevant knowledge and experience, and people in industrial papers

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I   Changes of Market Environment surrounding Hospital Operation

  1. The consumption tax to increase to 10%
  • Many nations do not see the economy as booming
  • Ever increasing social security costs
  • Introduction of reduced tax rates may prevent the negative influence
  • It may be crucial moment for acute care hospitals
  • Consumption tax to be increased to 10% can be just the passing point
  1. Total medical fee attains 42.2 trillion yen
  • Medical fee has come to increase again
  • Fluctuating growth rate of prescribed medical fee
  1. Revision of Medical Fee/Long-Term Care Fee Payment System to be Very Slightly on the Rise
  2. Directions of Hospitals to Take under Changing Environment
  • Enhancement to precede patients
  • Reforms to be carried out by the parties concerned
  • Whether or not awareness of formulary will be effective in expansion of the generic medicine market
  • Is the future scenario appropriately described?
  • What the medical institution has to do to maintain the national health insurance program which is the nations' common asset.

II   Theory of Hospital Evolution 2019

  1. In order to sustain operation in ever so uncertain environment
  • Future environment should not be on the extention of the past
  • Building of original secondary medical care zone
  • Necessity of enhancement in human resources in rural areas
  • Strengthening of essential operation of hospitals that do not sway by Revision of the Medical Payment System
  • Operational Scenario Matrix conforming to Community Health Care Vision
  • Scenario Matrix at hostpitals to conform to increasing consumption tax
  1. Sustainable strategy to operate private small-to-midsize hospitals

III   Formulary Required for Hospital Reforms

Current Status of Formulary and Future Outlook

  1. What is formulary?
  2. Criteria of using medicines based on the principle of pharmaceutical care
  3. Assure the "quality" of medication when creating formulary
  4. Formulary has two different aspects: Effective use of generic drugs and reduction of drug cost
  5. It is indispensable to make formulary at DPC hospitals
  6. Necessity of making local formulary
  7. Pharmacies and pharmacists should manage local formulary
  8. Advantages of making local formulary
  9. Future challenges in making formulary

IV   Case Studies of Management Strategies at Noteworthy Facilities

6 case studies

V   Questionnaire to Private Small-to-Mid-Size Hospitals


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150,000 yen ($1,449.28)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($2,898.55)
(excluding consumption tax)
450,000 yen ($4,347.83)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.5 yen , 2021/01/22 Japan)