AGV Market 2018

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150,000 yen ($1,444.53)
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300,000 yen ($2,889.06)
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450,000 yen ($4,333.59)
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I   Current Status of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Market

  1. With many companies newly entered the market, the market players have been increasing.
  2. Number of AGV companies has been on the rise, especially those for car body and systems.
  3. AGVs can be categorized into three grades according to the types of manufacturing industry. The attempts toward non-manufacturing industry are noteworthy.
  4. Transition of Market Size
  • Though the growth of the sales volume has slowed down a little in FY2018, the AGV market has been on the rise.
  • The market size based on the sales value is also expanding, to the level that has never achieved before.
  1. Transition of market share by manufacturer
  2. Demand structure of AGV largely depends on manufacturing industry. Especially needed are those for automobile (auto parts) industry
  3. Some Japanese makers currently occupy large share in the global market, but regarding new suggestions of AGV, they seem to have been left behind.

II   Noteworthy Trends of AGV Technologies

  1. No differentiation can be done in the main magnetic induction technology. The key is in the software processing technology for laser-guide AGV.
  2. The function to prevent obstacles have the key for developing new applications. However, the usability is yet a mystery.
  3. The main power sources are still LiB as well as lead storage battery.  New products have become introducing only LiB for the power source. 
  4. The difference in feeding systems cannot be the decisive point of differentiation.  The suggestions regarding the entire systems are the key.
  5. Each market player plays its adequate roles.  The companies that develop new demands have increased.

III   Attempts by Leading Market Players

  1. OMRON Corporation
  2. KUKA Japan
  3. ZMP Inc.
  4. Sharp Corporation
  5. Daifuku Co., Ltd.
  6. Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd.
  8. Ricoh Industry Company, Ltd.
  9. Other Companies

IV   Future Outlook of AGV Market

  1. Autonomous cruising technologies will change how to use AGV. Use of AGV that coexists with humans will develop applications.
  2. Decreasing birthrate and aging population are sure to progress. It is indispensable to expand using of AGV in order to maintain the labor (work efficiency).
  3. New suggestions have been attracting attention.  Growth is up to newly-entered companies and new products.
  4. Shift of ideas from applying AGV in the manufacturing processes to making the most of AGV when manufacturing things.
  5. No growth can be expected in the standard types and reduce-price types. Market expansion depends on expensive AGVs.
  6. The market size is likely to turn for expansion by FY2021.


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150,000 yen ($1,444.53)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($2,889.06)
(excluding consumption tax)
450,000 yen ($4,333.59)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.84 yen , 2021/01/18 Japan)