Bioplastics Market 2018

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Material Makers and End Users

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I   Bioplastic Market Outlook and Strategies

 Market Trends of Bioplastics

  • Domestic Market in 2017 rose by 1.9% on Y-o-Y basis
  • Bio PE and PET peaked out to continue low growth
  • Trends of Bio PET, Bio PE, and polylactic acid
  • In the status where regulations on thrown-away plastics become globally stricter, Japan's Resource Circulation Policy for Plastics has attracted attention
  • Can biodegradable plastics contribute to marine pollution issues stemming from thrown-away plastics?
  • Power relations viewed from manufacturers by resin type
  • New types of bioplastic

II   Trends of Material Makers

14 enterprises

III   Scenario for Bioplastics to Gain Ground

  • Forecast of Bioplastic Demands
  • Forecast of Bio PE Demands
  • Forecast of Bio PET Demands
  • Forecast of Polylactic Acid Demands
  • Forecast of Other Bioplastic Demands

IV   Major End User Demands

  • Large promising targets hinted by end user's motivation of introducing bioplastics:
  • Retailers/Leisure Facilities/Logistics
  • Beverage/Food Manufacturers
  • Apparel/Sports Goods Manufacturers
  • Package Material Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Household Products/Medicines
  • Home Electric/Electronic Appliances Manufacturers
  • Automobile Manufacturers

V   Questionnaire to End User Companies

  1. Status of introduction of bioplastics
  2. What to consider regarding purchase price
  3. Condition of level of plant-derived
  4. Interest level of bioplastics
  5. Possibility of introducing bioplastics into products for Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games
  6. Interest level of bioplastics when compared with two years ago
  7. Regarding micro plastic issues

Company Profiles: 74 enterprises

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150,000 yen ($1,347.22)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.34 yen , 2020/02/20 Japan)