Retail Solutions Market 2018

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190,000 yen ($1,750.35)(excluding consumption tax)
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Retail Solutions

Research Target:

Vendors of POS Terminals, POS Software, and Tablet POS

Research Content:

I   Overview

  1. External Environment
  2. Trends of POS-Related Markets: POS terminal, Tablet POS, and POS software
  3. Increasing Trend of ICT Adoption at Shops
  4. Summary

II   POS Terminal Market

  1. Market Overview
  2. Transition of Market Size
  3. Market Share by Manufacturer
  4. Market Composition by Demanded Area
  5. Data by Demanded Area
  1. Department stores
  2. GMS
  3. Shopping centers
  4. Convenience stores
  5. Supermarkets
  6. Home centers
  7. Drug stores
  8. Mass merchandizers
  9. Diners and restaurants
  10. Service stations
  11. Other individual shops
  1. Noteworthy Market Trends
  1. Attempts toward self-service checkout machines
  2. Separation between software and hardware markets
  3. Taking measures for2020
  4. Acknowledgement technologies that replace barcodes
  5. Attempts toward unmanned stores
  1. Future Market Perspectives and Market Size Forecast

III   Tablet POS Market Trends

  1. Market Overview
  2. Leading Market Players
  3. Transition of Market Size
  4. Target Users
  5. Future Challenges and Forecast of Market Size

IV   Technological Trends for Stores

  1. In-store Marketing by Means of Image Analysis
  2. Utilization of Indoor Positioning Information
  3. Security Measures
  4. Robotics Technologies
  5. Application of IoT

V    Noteworthy Trends of User Companies

  1. POS-Systems Related
  2. Robot-Related
  3. Payment-Related
  4. Others

VI   Trends of Attempts at Leading POS Businesses

14 Enterprises and Other Companies Developing POS Software

VII   Trends of Related Markets

  1. Credit Card Market
  2. Transportation IC Card Market
  3. Reward Points Services Market
  4. Indoor Positioning Information Solution Market

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190,000 yen ($1,750.35)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.55 yen , 2019/12/07 Japan)