Forecast of Connected Cars Market for Passenger Cars for 2025 – 2017 Analysis Vol 1

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Forecast of Connected Cars Market

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Automakers (OEM), Automobile parts makers, cloud vendors, electronic parts vendors, telecommunication service providers, map related enterprises, IT vendors, enterprises related with car navigation systems, enterprises related with infrastructure, security related enterprises, insurance service providers, and users

Research Content:

I   Forecast of 16 Categories of Domestic Connected Cars Market in 2025 (B2C/B2B/R&D Investment for Each of 16 Categories 2015-2025)

  1. Transition of Connected Cars Market Size in Japan
  2. Market Size by Category (Markets of B2C, B2B, and R&D Investment)
  3. Detailed Analysis of Connected Cars Market by 16 Category
  4. Trend of Connected Cars Market by Enterprise
  5. Reference Materials

II   Actual Status and Future of Global Connected Cars by Application Area

  1. Overall Trend
  1. What Connected Cars Bring for Future of Automobiles
  2. How Business Changes in Era of Connected Cars
  3. The Field/Category that Japanese Companies Should Aim At
  4. Global Trend of Connected Cars by Region
  5. Promising Application of Connected CAras by Busienss Model
  6. Technological Obstacles that Connected Cars should Overcome
  7. Story by an Intellect in Automobile Industry toward Era of Mobility
  8. From Where Profits from Connected Cars be Taken
  9. TCU
  1. Informational Connected Cars Market
  1. Evolution from Car Navigation Systems
  2. Entertainment Services
  3. Map Distribution Services
  4. AI Agents
  5. Telematics for Parking
  1. Market of Connected Cars During Travelling
  1. Probe Information
  2. HD Maps (Dynamic Maps, 3D MAPs)
  3. Cloud ADAS
  4. Cloud HMI
  5. Remote Failure Diagnosis (including OBD)
  6. Global OTA Market
  7. Global eCALL (Vehicle Emergency Report System) Market
  8. V2X, DSRC
  9. Cyber Security
  10. eCockpit & Virtual Cockpit
  11. Cloud Services for Automatic Driving
  12. Telematic Services for Elderly People
  1. Connected Car Market for Automobile New Business
  1. Global Telematics Insuratnce Market
  2. Connected Cars Market for Car Sharing
  3. Ride Sharing (Car-distribution application)
  4. Big Data
  5. Block chain
  6. Connected Cars for Maintenance

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180,000 yen ($1,633.84)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 110.17 yen , 2020/01/21 Japan)