General Construction Industry 2016

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120,000 yen ($887.38)
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General Construction industry

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General Constructors

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I   Environmental Changes and Future Outlook of Construction Market

  1. Current Status and Forecast of Development Plans
  2. Influence of TPP to Real Estate/Construction Sectors
  3. Trends of Construction Orders Received
  4. Trends of Demands for Construction Works by Type and Use
  5. Construction Demands in Local Areas
  6. Trends of Refurbishment and Renovation Market
  7. Trends of PPP/PFI Market
  8. Wider Acceptance of Concession Method
  9. Increasing Cases of Design-Build in Public Construction

II   Trends in and Structure of Construction Industry

  1. Trends of Construction Industry
  2. Structure of Construction Industry
  3. Supply and Demand of Labor at Construction Sites

III   Business Status and Overlook of General Construction Industry

  1. Overview and Recent Trends of General Construction Industry
  2. Trends of Future Forecast of Sales Performance at Leading General Constructors
  3. Analysis of Financial results at Leading Construction Companies
  4. Various Rankings relating to General Construction Industry
  5. Trends of Those general constructors engaged in offshore engineering, and port facilities
  6. Attempts and Measures to Improve Productivity
  7. Acquisition of General Constructors by a House Maker
  8. Challenges of General Constructors
  9. Outlook of General Construction Industry

IV General Construction Business Overseas

  1. Current Status of Overseas Construction Market
  2. Trends in Overseas Construction Orders Received
  3. Overseas Business Development by General Construction Firms
  4. Overseas Business Development Strategies by Leading General Construction Firms
  5. Construction Demands in Southeast Asia
  6. Status of Business Development in Asian Countries by Large Developers
  7. Overseas Development by Engineering Industry
  8. Challenges of Overseas Construction Market
  9. 9.Future Promising Market

V    Trends in Technology Developments in General Construction Industry

  1. Ability to Give Technical Proposals by General Constructors
  2. Trends of R&D at General Constructors
  3. Utilization of ICT, a Key to Improve Productivity
  4. Introduction of Attention-Attracting BIM
  5. Progress of CIM
  6. Attempts toward ZEB
  7. Quake-Resistant Technologies Needed Promptly
  8. Regenerative Medicine Positioned as Promising Market
  9. Direction of Technological Development

VI   Business Strategies of Leading General Constructors

  1. Characteristics of leading general construction industry
  2. Transition of sales performance and outlook
  3. Sales strategies and measures to increase receiving orders
  4. Operational strategies
  5. Overseas business strategies
  6. Renovation business strategies
  7. Trends in development of technology and studies
  8. Challenges and directions
  9. Noteworthy areas and new business development

VII   Case Studies of Leading Enterprises

15 firms


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120,000 yen ($887.38)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($1,774.75)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($2,662.13)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 135.23 yen , 2022/07/02 Japan)