Global Automotive CFRP (Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastics) Market Forecast 2016

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Automotive CFRP

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Automakers, Carbon Fiber Manufacturers, Other Fabrication Manufacturers, R&D Institutions, etc.

Research Content:

I    Global Trends surrounding Automotive CFRP (Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastics)

  1. Overview of Automotive CFRP
  • Rising needs for the vehicles to be lighter in weight as stricter values required for fuel efficiency standard and fuel regulations
  • What is the positioning of CFRP when multiple materials have been started to be used.
  1. Stricter environmental regulations
  2. Clearer superiority of CFRP
  1. Trends of Adoption of Automotive CFRP
  • CFRP is adopted in cars of high-price range, adoption of general vehicle types is limited
  • The key to expand the market lies in low-cost and progressive designs of materials
  1. Structure part of car body
  2. Outer/Inner panels (roof, bonnet, trunk lid, fender, etc.)
  3. Others (Propeller shafts)

II   Trends of Technology Development of Automotive CFRP

  1. Carbon Fiber
  2. Resins, Intermediate Base Materials, Molding Methods
  3. Processing (Cutting, Bonding, etc.)
  • Finding out a method to bond different types of materials in a highly reliable manner, and easy-to-separate way is required to be solved
  1. CFRP should be introduced to which type of tasks? Automobile designs, safety or originality?
  2. Cost structure: Lowering not only the material prices but also task expenses are required
  3. Recycling: Thermal recycling, material recycling

III   Trends of Leading Manufacturers

  1. Carbon Fiber Manufacturers (3 enterprises)
  2. Auto Makers (8 enterprises)
  3. Manufacturers of Molding Systems, Molding (3 enterprises)
  4. Manufacturers of Intermediate Base Materials (1 enterprise)
  5. Manufacturers of Bonding Different Types of Materials (1 enterprise)
  6. Design Company, R&D Center

IV   Current Challenges and Future Perspectives

  1. Perspectives of Automotive CFRP
  1. Automotive CFRP market that carbon fiber and automobile manufacturers consider.
  2. Future Market

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150,000 yen ($1,394.44)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107.57 yen , 2019/09/22 Japan)