Character Business 2016

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120,000 yen ($1,106.91)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($2,213.82)
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360,000 yen ($3,320.73)
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Character Business 2016

Research Target:

Licensers and licensees of characters, and retailers

Research Content:

I    Current Status of Licensed Character Business

  1. Market Size of Licensed Character Business
  2. Current Status of Licensed Character Business
  1. Licensed Character Business Overview
  2. Diversification of Characters
  • Character types, changes in company characters, local characters
  1. Characteristics of Character Products and Use of Such Products
  2. How Character Business Developed and Expanded
  • LINE character business, Development from Internet (Hatsune Miku, etc.,) Collaboration with luxury brands, Attempts to make images and live entertainment, Revitalization of local communities/pilgrimage to sacred places/stamp rally competitions by using characters, Development to overseas
  1. Future of Character Business
  1. Current Development of Retailers and Character Shop4
  1. Diversification of Sales Channels
  2. Character shops
  3. Toys and toy shops
  4. Retailer Overview
  1. Entire Consumer Trends/Character-Periphery Market Trends
  1. Trends in entire consumption
  2. Business for Senior on the rise
  3. Trends in baby-related business

II   Trends in Media and Related Business

  1. Books/Magazines
  1. Comics and comic magazines
  2. Characters in comics and comics magazines
  3. Light novels
  4. Books on gaming
  5. Children's books
  1. Movies Market
  1. Current status of movies
  2. Trends in movies
  3. Characters in movies
  1. Television Market
  1. Current status of TV animation
  2. Current status of TV dramas
  1. Mobile Phones/Smart Phones and Internet
  1. Current status of mobile phones/smart phones and internet
  2. Characters in mobile phones/smart phones
  3. Current status of the internet
  4. Characters in the internet

III    Character Products by Category

  1. Toys and Character Toys
  2. Toys/Characters Sold through Vending Machines
  3. Stationery/Character Stationery
  4. Confectionery/Character Confectionery
  5. Food & Beverages/Character Food & Beverages
  6. Clothing/Character Clothing
  7. Accessories/Character Accessories
  8. Toiletry Goods/Character Toiletry Goods
  9. Home Fashion/Character Home Fashion
  10. Other Character Items

IV   Trends in Leading Licensers/Licensees/Retailers

  1. Results of Questionnaire to Companies handling Characters
  2. Trends in Licensers
  3. Trends in Licensees
  4. Trends in Retailers

V     Character Trends in Related Business

  1. Music
  2. Plays
  3. Amusement Parks
  4. Pachinko & Pachislot

VI    Attempts Utilizing Characters

  1. Characters utilized for Regional Improvement/City Sales
  2. Characters utilized in Means of Transportation/Traffic Channels
  3. Characters in Hotel Industry
  4. Characters in Dining-Out/Restaurants/Ready-to-eat Industries

VII   Company Profiles


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120,000 yen ($1,106.91)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($2,213.82)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($3,320.73)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.41 yen , 2021/03/07 Japan)