Potential Market Reform by AI and Big Data 2015

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AI and Big Data

Research Target:

Companies in the sectors of automobile, manufacturing, medical, healthcare, longterm care, translation, finance, transportation, energy, security/crime prevention, and others

Research Content:

Ⅰ Attention-Attracting AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technologies and Trends of Market Players

  1. Third-Wave Boom for AI (Artificial Intelligence) Market
  1. Why AI is attracting attention now?
  2. What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) ?
  3. Types of AI
  4. Potential and Challenges of Deep Learning
  5. Application Model of AI, Utilization of Cloud and Edge Computing
  6. Attempts by Japanese Government and Budget
  7. AI and Robots
  8. "Singularity" Issue
  1. Trends of Market Players in AI Market
  1. Current Status of Japanese and Overseas Market Players
  2. IBM
  3. Google
  4. Other U.S. Leading IT Enterprises (Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft)
  5. Attempts by Japanese Companies (Hitachi, NEC, NTT Data, Preferred Networks, Other AI ventures)

II  Domestic Potential Application Categories of AI

  1. Forecast of AI Application Categories
  1. Purpose of AI utilization
  2. What factors determine application of AI
  3. Industries, tasks that can apply AI
  4. Roadmap to AI Utilization
  1. What Influences/Potential can be Thought out in Widening Usage of AI in Industries
  1. Automobile: Emerge of Automatic Driving Systems Changes the World in near future
  2. Manufacturing: Potential of Smart Factories, Product Inspection, and Preventive Maintenance
  3. Medical: Rising Expectation towards Contribution in Solving Social Problems
  4. Healthcare: Potential of New Market towards Longer Healthy Life Expectancy
  5. Longterm Care: Robots and ICT support are required but investment capacity is the issue.
  6. Machine Translation/Automatic Translation: Does the Dream Come True?
  7. Financial Sector: Attention drawn to FinTec and Watson
  8. Transportation: Expectation towards Issues of Expanding logistics demands and lack of drivers
  9. Energy: AI is expected to solve energy issues~
  10. Security/Crime Prevention: Contribution expected by image analysis techniques, Challenges are changes in industrial structure
  11. Others

III   Questionnaire to Users regarding Big Data

  1. Questionnaire regarding status of data possessing and big data
  2. Data volume possessed by a company
  3. Influence of AI to the IT strategies and operation at a company
  4. DATA: Company Profiles
  5. DATA: Data volume possessed

IV   Profiles of Companies/Research Institutions 

16 enterprises/research institutions



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180,000 yen ($1,585.48)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($3,170.97)
(excluding consumption tax)
540,000 yen ($4,756.45)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 113.53 yen , 2021/10/23 Japan)