FA Camera and Machine Vision Systems Market 2016

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165,000 yen ($1,220.14)
(excluding consumption tax)
330,000 yen ($2,440.29)
(excluding consumption tax)
495,000 yen ($3,660.43)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 135.23 yen , 2022/07/02 Japan)

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FA camera, machine vision systems

Research Target:

Domestic manufacturers and distributors of FA cameras, machine vision devices and systems

Research Content:

I   Market Overview

II   Market Topics and Company Strategies

  1. Does "Industrie 4.0" drive FA Camera and Machine Vision Systems Market?
  2. Fusion of FA cameras and surveillance cameras does not integrate the hardware but enables to share utilization and analysis of image information
  3. A change in the leading machine vision system company. Cognex K.K. sold surface inspecting sector.  Has the market entered survival era?
  4. Announcement of withdrawal of CCD production by Sony suddenly changed the FA camera market to shift rapidly to CMOS
  5. Rapid digitization gaining ground also in the world of FA cameras. Does requirement in interface adoption differ in domestic market from European and U.S?
  6. Monochrome continues to be the de facto standard in FA cameras, so that colored version will be used whenever they are needed.
  7. More and more area scan cameras have larger pixel sizes, with de facto standard 2M, going on 5M.
  8. Transition of pixel size of Line scan cameras, higher resolution has been polarizing
  9. Increasing application expected, added with the conventional sectors, there are more market in three-item market and film/metal surface inspection market
  10. Smart sensor market has been expanding, though the prices are declining to around 100 thousand yen or lower.
  11. Demand for robot visions has continuously been increasing, shifting to 2D (stereo)/3D.
  12. With machine visions widely been accepted, the market in China has been expanding, which may shift to Southeast market
  13. Analysis of the next future target country when looking from the GDP aspect
  14. Status of manufacturers of FA cameras and machine vision systems by area
  15. The combined systems between machine vision and machine learning provided through SaaS
  16. Do next-generation industrial robots made by Google and other US manufactures attack Japanese manufacturers?!

III   FA Camera Market

  1. Comprehensive FA Camera Market
  2. Area Scan Camera Market
  3. Line Scan Camera Market

IV   General Machine Vision Market

Markets of comprehensive machine visions, general type, boards, software, smart sensors

V   Line-Surface-Inspection Machine Vision Market

  1. Comprehensive Line-Surface-Inspection Machine Vision Market
  2. Machine Vision Market for FPD
  3. Sheet-Surface-Inspection Machine Vision Market
  1. For pulp and paper
  2. For glass inspection
  3. For metal inspection
  4. For film/non-woven fabric inspection
  1. Machine Vision Market for Printed Surface Inspection
  1. For gravure printing
  2. For offset printing

VI   Machine Vision Market by Respective Dedicated Industry

  1. Comprehensive Machine Vision Market by Dedicated Industry
  2. MV Market for Food/Beverages
  3. MV Market for Drug Inspection

VII   Questionnaire of Company Profile

  • FA camera manufacturers (12 enterprises)
  • Machine Vision Manufacturers (11 enterprises)



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165,000 yen ($1,220.14)
(excluding consumption tax)
330,000 yen ($2,440.29)
(excluding consumption tax)
495,000 yen ($3,660.43)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 135.23 yen , 2022/07/02 Japan)