IT Vendor Service Delivery and Sales Channels

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Current status and changes in sales systems, measures taken for distributors/partnership, personnel development and enhancement, future channel strategies at IT vendors

Research Target:

Domestic and Foreign-affiliated IT vendors

Research Content:

I   IT Business Overview

  1. Current Assessment of IT Business
  1. Solution menu building process at IT business ス
  1. Changes at IT Business and Reasons
  1. It is indispensable to understand sales channels when comprehending IT business structure
  2. Changes in IT business and their background factors
  1. Sales Strategies and Partnership Measures
  1. Partnership measures to cope with changes in sales strategies
  2. Partner strategies associated with enhancement of indirect sales  
  3. Server business trends
  1. Changes in Sales Measures in IT Business

II   Sales Trends in Hardware Vendors

  1. Current Status of Sales Channel/Service Delivery System
  1. Sales Systems at Leading IT Vendors
  2. Cloud Services and other non-hard business have been in progress
  1. Changes in Sales Channel/Service Delivery System
  1. Attempts towards cloud marketplace
  2. Conspicuous changes in sales methods at server business
  3. Clear shift to software service business
  4. Diversification in service menu brought about reviewing of partnership
  5. Changes in sales channels brought about deeper relations with user companies
  1. Partnership Measures/Partner Support Measures
  1. Supporting of partners has been enhanced
  2. Sier has been in advance in solution sales
  1. Personnel Development/Partner Development at Leading IT Vendors
  1. Measures to develop human resources at IT vendors
  2. Skills required at IT business
  3. Measures to develop partnership at IT vendors
  4. Reviewing of indirect sales/Partnership strategies in progress
  1. Business Trends in Leading IT Vendors
  1. Attempts towards cloud business
  1. Business Trends of Leading SIers
  1. Development of cloud business at leading SIers

III   Current Status and Directions in IT Market

  1. Domestic IT Market Size
  2. IT Investment/Software Use by Sector
  3. Structures and Characteristics of IT business
  4. Environmental Changes in Devices/Hardware/Software Services and Their Influence to Sales Channels
  5. Trends in Cloud Business
  6. Challenges and Outlook of IT Business Markets
  7. Thoughts of Future Strategies of IT Businesses

IV    Relationship between Leading SIers/IT Vendors in Procurement and Sales

  • Procurement Status of Leading SIers (Primary and Secondary Suppliers)
  • 16 Siers

V   Company Profiles


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150,000 yen ($1,321.24)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($2,642.47)
(excluding consumption tax)
450,000 yen ($3,963.71)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 113.53 yen , 2021/10/23 Japan)