Engineering Plastics Market 2014

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China , Japan , Korea


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Engineering plastics

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I   Perspectives and Strategies in Engineering Plastics Market

  • The market can slowdown due to declining growth in Asian economics and slower demands in Europe because of lengthy recession
  • The market of five widely-used engineering plastics (POM, PA, PC, m-PPE, PBT) is likely to expand to the level of 10 million tons
  • Series of newly-constructed and increased plants eased supply and demands of engineering plastics
  • Japanese manufacturers are in haste to improve their profitability
  • Products are enhanced with added-values and extensive application development by developing comprehensively-processed models from polimerization to molding
  • Polyplastics, following Toray and LANXESS, has also started trial molding process.

II  Current Status and Perspectives of Respective Engineering Plastics


  • Fiercer price competition is underway because of series of enhancement by PC amanufacturers and lessened demands
  • Variety of grades has been developed for LED lighting, the category of which can expect further growth.
  • Teijin and MEP fell behind of SABIC and Bayer in the automobile glazing



  • Sound demands for extruding use, growing demands for injection use because of increased number of vehicles produced
  • Manufacturers from U.S. and Europe still keep their large market share in PA6 and PA66
  • Demands for main use are smoothly expanding
  • There is a sign of expansion due to increase of resin-used oil-pans produced in Europe
  • Heat-resistant PA has been started recognized as down-sizing concept has spread


  • Application has expanded, for instance, to be used for flexible pipes for oil and/or gas lines


  • World-wide demands continue to grow by more than 2%, in spite of some of influences caused by economic slowdown in China
  • Series of newly-constructed and increased POM plants in China, ASEAN nations and South Korea
  • Low VOC grade is smoothly expanding which leads to introduction of a conductive grade to the market in 2014


  • With increasing number of automobiles produced, and increasing rate of automobiles equipped with electronic technologies, the global demands continue to grow by 4%
  • Series of marketization of non-enhanced, nonconbustibilized, and shock-resistant grades

5.m-PPE (modified-Polyphenyleneether)

  • Sound growth seen for the use in automobiles, PV, and rechargeable batteries, attaining about annual 3% growth rates
  • Steady demands for OA chassis and mechanism elements
  • Increasing adoption of "NORYL GTX" for automobile body parts


  • Driven by the automobile cateogories, the global demands are expected to exceed 100,000 tons by 2015
  • SK-Teijin-collaborated company aims to newly enter the market in FY2015
  • Fiercer competition between DIC and Toray for the top-market-share position
  • Extended demands in automobile categories to be used for various parts of gasoline cars, HV or EV cars
  • Increasing demands to be used for power modules and inverter cases in the electricity and electronics categories
  • Demands are expected to expand for industrial use


  • Global demands have been declining because of deceasing sales of PCs and growinguse of recycled materials
  • Signs of easing balance of supply and demands
  • development of grades that can handle smaller and thinner connecters
  • New demands have become full-bloom for automobile category
  • New potential of LCP is groped for use in films and textile
  • 17 companies

III   Current Status and Perspectives of Engineering Plastics Molders

  • Business growth can be seen for global molders after they have succeeded in expanding foreign-affiliated users
  • Net profit margin of enplas Corporation at the end of March 2014 was 21.5%, leaving other market players behind
  • 8 companies


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120,000 yen ($887.38)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($1,774.75)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($2,662.13)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 135.23 yen , 2022/07/02 Japan)