Plastic Sheet Market 2013

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120,000 yen ($887.97)
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Plastic sheets

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I       Plastic Sheet Market Outlook
Adaptation to local needs becomes increasingly important.
It is indispensable to take in market needs and optimized costs.
Domestic demands can be found by pursuing existing topics for development.
II      Functional Sheets and Processed Sheets Market Outlook
1.   Display Covers
n          Needs of resinified covers for low-price smart phones/tablets in the emerging countries are increasing.
n          There is ongoing development in coextruded PC/PMMA sheets.
n          Those products with super-high hardness or ultra low water-absorption that exceed normal performance of resin are in demand.
n          Speedy business development is required to cope with volatile markets and needs.
2.   Foam Products for Vehicles (Copolymerized EPP, PS/PE)
n          Vehicle-use foam products market is expanding, close to double-digit growth. It is estimated to be 70,000-ton market by 2015.
n          JSP, a company that occupies the top in market share, leads the market with a system that enables global production.
III    Perspectives and Strategies of Plastic Sheet Manufacturers (Secondary processing manufacturers)
21 enterprises
IV     Trends and Outlook of Sheets by Type
1.   PMMA Sheets
n          The market has suffered from difficult conditions in both domestic and import sales due to the global recession.
n          Although the volume sales are limited, value-added products have been developed by the leading four companies.
2.   PC Sheets
n          The main battlefield has shifted to China/Asian countries. Challenges are localization of production and supply.
n          Growing needs of touch-panels as smart phones and tablets become popular.
n          Increasing development of super-hard products for substitution of glass.
3.   PVC Sheets
n          The market faced negative growth both in FY2011 and FY2012 due to less equipment investment in enterprises.
n          Enhancement was seen for value-added products for industrial use.
4.   PP Sheets
n          PP Filler Sheets
Market is likely to continue the declining trends due to fiercer competition with heatproof foams.
n          PP Sheets
High transparent PP Sheets are expanding the demands to be used for lid materials of food containers.
Demands in non-food area are slowing down.
n          Foam PP Sheets
Demands in food containers may attain plus growth in 2013.     
As for non-food area, demands for distribution materials may increase due to economic recovery. 
5.   PSP Sheets
n          The market may expand to the level of 100,000 tons in FY2012.
n          Increasing PS/denatured PPE foam sheets and heating needs for heatproof products.
6.   OPS Sheets
n          The market faces unfavorable wind.
n          Prescription to enhance price competition is needed. Overseas production may be the next step.  
n          Manufacturers are focusing on heatproof products that no A-PET products can attain.
7A-PET Sheets
n          Sound growth can be seen for food related areas.


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120,000 yen ($887.97)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($1,775.94)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($2,663.90)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 135.14 yen , 2022/07/04 Japan)