Housing Market 2012

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103,000 yen ($762.17)
(excluding consumption tax)
206,000 yen ($1,524.35)
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309,000 yen ($2,286.52)
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Housing, housing materials, housing equipment

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Housing companies, housing materials manufacturers/suppliers, housing equipment manufacturers, etc

Research Content:

I        Overview
Featuring: Attention for 2012!! Analysis on Housing/Building Material Market
1. Trends in Housing Industry
2. Perspectives in Building Material Market for 2012
Chapter 1: Current Status and Perspectives of Housing Market
1. Current Status and Perspectives
2. Trends in housing market by usage or ownership type
3. Trends in housing market by construction method
Chapter 2: Focused Market in Housing and Building Material Industries
1. Trends in Smart Housing Market
2. Trends in Focused Market in Building Material Industry
II      Housing Supplies
Chapter 3: Residential Housing Market
1. Prefabricated houses
2. Wooden houses
3. Two-by-four homes
4. Developers
5. Apartments and condominiums
6. Rented accommodation
7. Real estate secondary market
8. Home refurbishing market
III     Woods and Building Materials
Chapter 4: Wooden-based Construction Materials
1. Composite wooden floors
2. Laminated woods
3. Wooden boards
Chapter5: Trends in Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Sellers of Construction Materials
1. List of business performance of construction material manufacturers
2. List of business performance of wholesalers/sellers of construction materials
Chapter 6 Ceramic Construction Materials
1. Glass
2. Plasterboards
3. Ceramic siding panels
4. ALC
5. Tiles
6. Clay roof tiles
7. Cement tiles
Chapter 7: Metal Construction Materials
1. Aluminum sashes
2. Shutter doors
3. Metal sidings
Chapter 8: Plastic Construction Materials
1. Vinyl chloride floor materials
2. Tatami mats with chemical inner materials
3. Plastic sashes
Chapter 9: Heat Insulation Materials
1. Glass wools
2. Rock wools
IV     Equipments
Chapter 10: Housing Equipments
1. Unit kitchens
2. Bathroom vanities
3. Prefabricated baths and bathtubs
4. Toilet seats with a warm-water shower
5. Water heaters for households
6. Kitchen instruments
7. Residential floor heating systems
8. Solar water heaters
9. Photovoltaic power systems
10. Garbage disposers
11. Home elevators
12. Dish washing and drying machines
13. Bath room drying heaters
14. Security devices and disaster-prevention goods
15. Wooden residential equipment
Chapter 11: Furniture and Interior Goods
1. Wall papers
2. Carpets
3. Curtains
4. Blinds and window screens
5. Lighting fixtures
6. Household furniture
Chapter 12: Exteriors
1. Gates and fences
2. Carports
3. Balconies, Terraces
4. Steel storages
V       Statistical Data
1. New housing construction starts by year and by prefecture
2. New housing construction starts by year, by prefecture, and by usage/ownership type
3. New housing construction by year, by prefecture, and by structure
4. New construction starts of prefabricated housing by prefecture and by usage/ ownership type, and percentage breakdown by usage/ownership type (Single family housing, row houses and apartments)
5. New construction starts of prefabricated housing by construction method
6. New housing construction starts by prefecture, by usage/ownership type, and by floor area
7. Transition of new construction starts by city


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103,000 yen ($762.17)
(excluding consumption tax)
206,000 yen ($1,524.35)
(excluding consumption tax)
309,000 yen ($2,286.52)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 135.14 yen , 2022/07/04 Japan)