IT Vendors’ Global Strategies in Growing Asian Market 2012

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China , Global , Japan , Singapore , Vietnam


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Marketability of Asian Nations

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IT vendors, manufacturers in Japan, Indonesia, and other Asian Nations,

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I      Globalization of Japanese IT Vendors
1.   Entire Trends Seen from Overseas Sales Ratio
Low Sales in Overseas Shows Delayed Globalization
2.   Business Partners/Customers in Overseas Business
1)   Trends and Challenges in Business Partners
2)   Business Potential for Japanese Companies
3)   Business Potential for Local Companies
3.   Solutions Provided
Key is Whether Unique Solutions/Packages are Marketable
4.   Trends in Notable Countries and Regions
China Currently Seem to Stay as a Silent Observer, Looking towards Inland, Interests to ASEAN
5.   Current Status on M&A and Partnerships
A good partner is indispensable in business for local companies
6.   Challenges in Overseas Business
Human resources, profit earnings, localization are the common challenges
7.   Current Status and Future Outlook on Overseas business by Japanese IT Vendors
8. Trends in Indian Vendors
Although they find themselves difficult to be on good terms with conservative Japanese companies, they have high potential
9.   Reference: Trends in Chinese Market (Research by CCID Consulting)
1)   DataCenter Market in China
2)   Software Market in China
Company Profiles
1.   ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
4.   JBCC Holdings Inc.
5.   TIS Inc.
7.   Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.
8.   B-EN-G
9.   NEC
10. Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
12. Asprova Corporation
13. Infoteria Corporation
14. WingArc Inc.
16. QualitySoft Corporation
17. Infosys Limited
18. Wipro Technologies Japan
II     Outlook on Attention-Drawing ASEAN Market
1.   Strategies and Future Direction towards Asian Market for Japanese Companies Facing a Turning Point
With rising "China Risks", more attention has been drawn to Southeast Asia
2.   Overview of Southeast Asia and its Marketability
With large population, economic growth is promising, advancing economic region
3.   Entries to Japanese Companies by Each Asian Nations
Experienced Thailand, Promising Indonesia and Vietnam
Thai: Basic Information
Indonesia: Basic Information
Vietnam: Basic Information
Singapore: Basic Information
China: Basic Information
India: Basic Information
Other information on: Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia
Number of Japanese People and Companies within Each Asian Nations
Number of Vehicles Produced/Sold within Each Asian Nations (2011)
and etc.
4.   Japanese Vendors in ASEAN Countries
1)   Company Names and Market Entrance Periods
2)   Targeted Customers
3)   Notable Solutions
4)   Notable Countries and regions (Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam)
5)   Challenges in Business in ASEAN
Company Profiles
1.   Fujitsu Asia Pte. Ltd.
2.   ISI-Dentsu South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
3.   NEC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
4.   Nomura Research Institute Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
5.   NS Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
6.   NTT DATA Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
7.   Sumisho Computer Systems (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.
III   IT Vendors' Business Opportunities in Indonesia
1.   Business Environment in Indonesia
Promising for Market Growth with large populaition and large domestic consumers
2.   Trends in Japanese Companies in Indonesia
1)   Automobile Industry
Japanese cars and motorcycles are overwhelming. Series of auto parts manufactures are entering the market
2)   Other Manufacturers
Only active in company level, rather than industrial level. Keys are to gain domestic demand.
Reference: Wage Comparison among Asian Nations
3)   Distribution, Service Industries
Restrictions on foreign investment is likely to be stricter due to protection of domestic industries
3.   Local Indonesia
4.   IT Business in Indonesia
1)   IT Market Trends in Indonesia
Market size is 1/10 of that of Japan. Hardware has larger market than software.2)              Indonesian IT vendors
Local vendors can be the leading players in Indonesia.
3)   Business opportunities for IT Vendors in Indonesia
Increase of Japanese user companies can be expected but size of IT investment issmall
Company profiles
1.   PT. Fujitsu Indonesia
2.   PT. NEC Indonesia
3.   PT. Sigma Cipta Caraka(telecomsigma)
4.   PT. Jetcoms Netindo
5.   PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor
6.   PT. Toray Industries Indonesia


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380,000 yen ($3,345.66)
(excluding consumption tax)
760,000 yen ($6,691.32)
(excluding consumption tax)
1,140,000 yen ($10,036.98)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 113.58 yen , 2021/12/08 Japan)