100 Promising Markets 2012

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80,000 yen ($595.59)
(excluding consumption tax)
160,000 yen ($1,191.19)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($1,786.78)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 134.32 yen , 2022/12/04 Japan)

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Life Sciencem Food, Agriculture, Green Business, ICT, Finance, Environment, Energies, Vehicles & Machineries, Metals, Ceramics & Mineral Resources, Electronics, Materials, Chemical Materials, Housing, Real Estate, Building Materials, Paper, Pulp, Publishing, Printing, Fashion, Retailing, Sports, Office Services, Education, Leisure, Entertainment

Research Content:

I        Life Science
NO.1 Generic Drug Market
NO.2 Drug Manufacturing Service Market
NO.3 Dispensing Pharmacy Market
NO.4 Drugs Switched to OTC (Over–the-Counter) Drugs Market
NO.5 PTP Blister Sheets for Medical Products Market
NO.6 Endoscope Surgery Market (Optical Instruments)
NO.7 Endoscope Surgery Market (Surgical Instruments)
NO.8 Artificial Organs Market (Implant,extracorporeal circulation products, etc.)
NO.9 Market of Reagents for Cell/Tissue Culture Related Studies
NO.10 Teleradiology Market
NO.11 Home Care Service Market
NO.12 Clinical Laboratory Service Market
NO.13 Sterilization Service Market
NO.14 Next-Generation DNA Sequencer Market
NO.15 Imaging Cytometric Market
II      Food, Agriculture, Green Business
NO.16 Health Food Market
NO.17 Amino Acid (for Food) Market
NO.18 Food for Dysphasia (for Swallowing Difficulty) Market
NO.19 Food for Chewing Difficulty Market
NO.20 Food Delivery Service Market
NO.21 Home Delivery Service by Convenience Stores/Online Super Markets
NO.22 Natural Food Delivery Service Market
NO.23 Vegetable/Fruit Seedling Market for Home Garden
NO.24 Water Delivery Service Market
NO.25 Non-Alcoholic Beverage Market
NO.26 Cheese Market
III     ICT, Finance
NO.27 ERP Market
NO.28 CAEComputer Aided EngineeringMarket
NO.29 BPOBusiness Process OutsourcingMarket
NO.30 Movement Operation Management System Market
NO.31 Surveillance Camera Market
NO.32 UV Ink-Jet Printer Market
NO.33 3D Scanner Market
NO.34 Tablet PC Market
NO.35 Smart Phone Market
NO.36 Smart Phone/Tablet PC Market
NO.37 Social Listening Market
NO.38 Personal Cloud Computing Service Market
NO.39 EC Payment Service Market
NO.40 Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Market
IV      Environment, Energies, Vehicles & Machineries, Metals, Ceramics & Mineral Resources
NO.41 Wind Power Generation System Market
NO.42 Gas Cogeneration System Market
NO.43 Photovoltaic Power System Market
NO.44 Energy Storage System for Housing Market
NO.45 High Capacity Capacitors Market
NO.46 Energy-Saving Visualization System/Service Market
NO.47 BEMS/BAS Market
NO.48 In-vehicle Acceleration Sensor Market
NO.49 Power Semiconductor Market
NO.50 Car Sharing Market
V       Electronics, Materials, Chemical Materials
NO.51 Capacitive Touch Screen Market
NO.52 Transparent Conductive Film Market
NO.53 OCA (Optical Clear Adhesive) for Touch Screens Market
NO.54 Hard Coat Film Market
NO.55 Polarizing Plate Market
NO.56 Antireflective Film Market
NO.57 Market of Positive Electrode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries
NO.58 Market of Negative Electrode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries
NO.59 Lithium-ion Battery Electrolytic Solutions/Electrolytes Market
NO.60 Lithium-ion Battery Separators Market
NO.61 Solid-State, Thin-Film Battery Market
NO.62 Wireless Energy Transfer Market
NO.63 SiC (silicon carbide) Single Crystal Market
NO.64 GaN Single Crystal Market
NO.65 PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) Market
NO.66 Silicone Market
NO.67 Release Film Market
NO.68 Window Film Market
NO.69 Containers made from A-PET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) Market
VI      Housing, Real Estate, Building Materials, Paper, Pulp, Publishing, Printing
NO.70 Housing Renovation Market
NO.71 Pay Nursing Home Market
NO.72 LED Lighting Market
NO.73 Glass Wool (Heat Insulating Material) Market
NO.74 Heat Shield Coating Material Market
NO.75 Condominium and Apartment Management Market
NO.76 Large-Scale Renovation Market
NO.77 Home Security Service Market
NO.78 Housekeeping Service Market
NO.79 Storage Business Market
NO.80 Electronic Publication Contents Market
NO.81 Digital Printing Market
NO.82 Biomass Plastics Market
VII    Fashion, Retailing, Sports
NO.83 Used-Clothing Market
NO.84 Purchasing and Recycling of Jewelries and Precious Stones/Metals Market
NO.85 Imported Luxury Watches Market
NO.86 Gift Market
NO.87 TV Shopping Market
NO.88 Hair Growth/Hair Restoration Market
NO.89 Men’s Cosmetics Market
NO.90 Natural/Organic Cosmetics Market
NO.91 Sports Bike and Peripheral Goods Market
NO.92 Fishing Goods Market
VIII   Office Services, Education, Leisure, Entertainment
NO.93 Social Game Market
NO.94 Corporate Training Service Market
NO.95 Foreign Language Business Market
NO.96 Fitness/Sports Club/Sports Class market
NO.97 Day-Care Centers Market
NO.98 Outsourcing for Payroll Accounting Market
NO.99 Welfare Outsourcing Market
NO.100 EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Service Market


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80,000 yen ($595.59)
(excluding consumption tax)
160,000 yen ($1,191.19)
(excluding consumption tax)
240,000 yen ($1,786.78)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 134.32 yen , 2022/12/04 Japan)