Plumbing Pipe Market (Major 25 Pipe Types) in Japan: Research Findings in 2023

Shipment Volume of Plumbing Pipe Market for FY2022 Decreased by 5.2% to 2,156 Thousand Tons (Converted into Steel Pipe Weight)

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) surveyed the plumbing pipes (major 25 types) in Japan and found out the trends by pipe and by segment, trends of market players, and future perspectives.

Plumbing Pipe Market Size Transition (25 Types)
Plumbing Pipe Market Size Transition (25 Types)

Market Overview

The plumbing pipe market size (major 25 types) for FY2022, based on the shipment volume (converted into steel pipe weight), shrank by 5.2% to 2,156 thousand tons. While FY2021 had seen a recovery in demand for those pipes geared to housing and buildings such as poly-vinyl chloride pipes, which had driven the market to level off, the market shrank again for FY2022, as demand for many pipe types declined, except for a few.

Noteworthy Topics

Influence of Labor Shortage in Plumbing Pipe Market

It has been obvious that human resources in charge of construction is lacking in recent years.
As Workstyle Reform Act will be applied to the construction industry in April 2024, there are concerns of the so-called “2024 Problem”, where the Act regulates long working hours, which causes shorter working hours and labor shortage that may lead to changes in construction projects or delays in construction period.
The problem is affecting the pipe market, in such a way of increasing demand for those pipe types lighter and easier to install or prefabricated products (products that are pre-processed and assembled to reduce workload at sites) because of labor shortage. The product development in the pipe market hereafter is likely to focus on manpower shortage considerations.

Future Outlook

The plumbing pipe market size (major 25 types) for FY2023 is projected to rise by 1.0% to 2,178 thousand tons. For FY2023, against a backdrop of increasing redevelopment projects in the metropolitan area and new projects for building logistics facilities, the investment in construction in Japan is on the rise, with robust demand observed especially for redevelopment in metropolitan area. In addition, the policy to build national resilience is expected to fuel the demand in civil engineering field furthermore.
On the other hand, the housing field anticipates a decreasing number of new housing starts in the long-term aspect, which is likely for those pipe types more dependent on housing demand to be a negative factor. As a result, the market as a whole is projected to increase slightly.

In the medium to long term view, the end of immigration border control measures in April 2023 has encouraged the return of inbound tourists who disappeared amid the COVID-19 crisis, which has recovered the demand geared to accommodation facilities not only in the three largest metropolitan areas but also in local cities. Furthermore, redevelopment is expected in Kansai area based around Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan and the Project for Establishment and Operation of Specified Complex Tourist Facilities. In the civil engineering field, the Linear Chuo Shinkansen Project and the Hokuriku Shinkansen Extension Project are the promising factors.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: July to September 2023
2.Research Object: Nationwide pipe manufacturers, distributors, and related organizations
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews (including online) by specialized researchers, surveys via telephone/email, and literature research

Plumbing Pipe Market (Major 25 Types)

The plumbing pipe market refers to the market of 25 types of pipes selected by Yano Research Institute from various pipes that are components of infrastructure such as waterworks, gas, electricity, and other civil engineering works. The market size has been calculated based on the total shipment volume of pipes at manufacturers, after each of 25 pipe types being converted into steel pipe weight values.

Converted values are calculated by measuring specific gravity for each of 25 types of materials against the steel pipe weight being assumed as 1.

<Products and Services in the Market>

Major 25 types of plumbing pipes: Carbon steel pipe for ordinary piping (white, black), poly-vinyl chloride lined steel pipe, steel pipe for gas with resin coated on the outer surface, powdered polyethylene lined steel pipe, coated steel pipe, polyethylene coated steel pipe, non-tar-based epoxy resin painted steel pipe, nylon-coated pipe, stainless welded steel pipe, ductile iron pipe, copper pipe for construction, Hume pipe, PC pipe, FROM pipe, vinyl chloride pipe, polyethylene pipe, bridged polyethylene pipe, polybutene pipe, corrugated pipe, reticular pipe, stainless flexible pipe, fireproof double layer tube, synthetic resin flexible conduit, and FEP pipe

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