Conversational AI Platform Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2018

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the conversational AI platform market and has found out the market trends and the future outlook.

Figure: Transition and Forecast of Domestic Conversational AI Platform Market Size
Figure: Transition and Forecast of Domestic Conversational AI Platform Market Size

Market Overview

The domestic conversational AI platforms have only launched since around 2016, and the market size in 2017, based on the sales at businesses, is estimated as 1,100 million yen.

Since the purposes of using conversational AI platforms are somewhat obvious, they attract attention as a method of “Getting Started” in introducing AI systems. The main purposes of the platforms include customer services and responding to inquiries. Now that Chatbots have become available, with their platforms based on SNS or messaging tools such as Facebook and LINE, the number of users of conversational AI platforms has been increasing.  Also, the government-led “Working-Style Reform” project has triggered enterprises to improve efficiency of business, which led them to use conversational AI platforms for responding to inquiries from within and outside of the enterprises.

Noteworthy Topics

Since LINE, Facebook and other messaging tools with vast number of users have become open-sourced by 2016, third-party enterprises have become able to develop message-tool used products as Chatbot platforms.  This has become one of the triggers to launch the domestic conversational AI platform market.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: From July 2017 to June 2018
2.Research Object: Domestic enterprises developing and providing conversational AI technologies
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by expert researchers and literature research

What is Conversational AI Platform?
A conversational AI platform in this research indicates a system that can communicate with the humans by means of natural language processing technique and other methods.  The communications between conversational AI and the humans are done via text or voices.

What is the Conversational AI Platform Market?
The conversational AI platform market only includes software, with the market size calculated based on the sales at businesses.  Therefore, hardware that is equipped with conversation functions such as smart speakers, smartphones, robots, etc. is not included.

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