Sensitive Skin Cosmetics Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2023

As Habit of Wearing Face Masks Causing New Skin Problems, Expanding Sensitive Skin Cosmetics Market

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) carried out a survey on the domestic sensitive skin cosmetics market, and found out the market trends, trends of market players, and future perspectives.

Transition and Forecast of Sensitive Skin Cosmetics Market Size
Transition and Forecast of Sensitive Skin Cosmetics Market Size

Market Overview

With increasing numbers of people suffering from sensitive skins caused by atopic dermatitis, allergic constitutions, seasonal changes, stresses, etc., skincare products for sensitive skins have become indispensable for such people.

FY2020 saw demand shrinkage because of decreased opportunities for people to buy products at stores due to COVID-19 pandemic curfews and of disappearance of inbound customers. The market has gradually recovered from such a predicament since FY2021, as opening hours of stores have been back to normal and as people have more opportunities to go outside. The sensitive-skin cosmetic products market, based on the shipment value at brand manufacturers, is projected to generate 90,500 million yen, 104.0% on a YoY basis. Emerge of new skin problems caused by constant wearing of face masks in the corona crisis has increased the demand for sensitive skincare goods, making the market to be on the expanding trends.

Noteworthy Topics

Expanded Demand for Sensitive Skin Cosmetic Products Solving Internal Stimuli Not Only External Stimulants

As demand for skincare geared to sensitive skins is increasing in recent years, the cosmetics market for sensitive skins has been brisk. There are two reasons against this backdrop:

One is polluted air from pollen, dust, fine particles (PM 2.5), exhaust gas, etc., affecting the skins. Such external annoyances sometimes cause the symptoms of sensitive skins such as itching and inflammation, which create the demand for cosmetic products that claim to be antipollution to protect the skins from pollutants in the atmosphere.

Another is unhealthy lifestyles and stresses affecting the skins. Such internal irritants are also one of the causes of sensitive skin symptoms such as itching and inflammation, which create the demand for sensitive skin cosmetics that tackle such symptoms caused by internal stimulants.

Future Outlook

The sensitive skin cosmetics market for FY2023 is projected to reach 93,500 million yen, 103.3% on a YoY basis.

As putting on the face masks has become normal in daily lives, there are more chances to suffer from skincare problems such as sensitive skins, pimple care, pore care and dead skin care, which is expected to expand the sensitive skin cosmetics market.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: November 2022 to January 2023
2.Research Object: Cosmetics brand manufacturers, logistics companies, retailers, etc.
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews (including online) by expert researchers, surveys via telephone, and peripheral researches

About Sensitive Skin Cosmetics Market

Sensitive skin cosmetics in this research refer to cosmetic products developed for sensitive skins, i.e., skins that continuously or temporarily become sensitive due to congenital factors such as atopic dermatitis and allergic constitutions, or to environmental factors such as seasonal changes, body conditions, stresses, and fatigues. Some are quasi drugs.

<Products and Services in the Market>

Skincare products, make-up items, hair care products and other products included in sensitive skin cosmetics

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