Building Management Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2022

Domestic Building Management Market Forecasted to Attain 4,385,500 Million Yen for FY2022, 101.0% YOY

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the building management market in Japan, and found out the trends by building usage and by business type, the trend at market players, and future perspectives.

Transition and Forecast of Building Management Market
Transition and Forecast of Building Management Market

Market Overview

Size of the domestic building management market grew a modest to 4,342,500 million yen for FY2021, 102.6% of the previous fiscal year (based on the value at prime contractors). Increase in demand for office refurbishment in line with the changes in work environment has been expanding the market.

Noteworthy Topics

Office Building has Largest Market Share by Building Usage

Size of the building management market for FY2021 by building usage is estimated to approximately 157,900 million yen for residence (market share of 3.6% by building usage, 102.8% YOY) and 4,184,500 million yen for non-residence (96.4%, 102.6% YOY).

In detail, office building accounts for the largest share in non-residence, with the market size of approximately 946,000 million yen (21.8%, 102.9%YOY), roughly one fifth of the building management market. Commercial facilities and stores attained 788,400 million yen (18.2%, 102.1% YOY), medical/welfare facility rose to 439,400 million yen (10.1%, 103.6%YOY), school facility yielded 413,200 million yen (9.5%, 100.3% YOY), and factory/workplace climbed to 407,600 million yen (9.4%, 101.7% YOY).

Future Outlook

The domestic building management market is projected to grow to 4,385,500 million yen for FY2022, 101.0% of the preceding fiscal year. Demand for COVID-19-safe offices and workspaces through refurbishment and modifications is expected to grow continually in FY2022. Increasing demand for interior work and refurbishment as part of sanitation management is contributing to the market expansion.

For better building management, building owners and building management companies need to work in tandem hereafter. Since building management services need to ask the owners to bear the cost of introducing advanced systems and technologies for improvement of the quality and efficiency of building management, building management companies must convince them that implementation of such systems would increase the value of their properties. To enhance building management, building management companies and owners should align collaboratively.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: July to September 2022
2.Research Object: Domestic building management businesses
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by the specialized researchers (including online interviews), survey via telephone, and literature research.

Building Management Market

Building management market in this research indicates the market of building management services such as cleaning, equipment management, and security provided by building management companies. The market size is calculated based on the value at prime contractors. The market size includes peripheral businesses such as repairment and renovation carried out by building management companies.

<Products and Services in the Market>

Cleaning (sanitation), equipment management, security, and other operations (building renovation, etc.)

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