Building Maintenance Market: Key Research Findings 2019

Domestic Building Maintenance Market Projected to Attain 4,027.2 Billion Yen in FY2019, 100.8% YOY

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the building maintenance market in Japan, and found out the trend by building usage, the trend by operation, the trend in market players, and the future perspectives.


Size Transition and Forecast on Building Maintenance Market
Size Transition and Forecast on Building Maintenance Market

Market Overview

The building maintenance market in Japan is estimated to have grown slightly to 3,995.2 billion yen (based on the value at prime contractors) in FY2018, 106.8% of the size of the previous fiscal year. The market that was on the decline for the past few years is making an upward turn, expected to increase marginally in FY2018. Against a background of soaring personnel expenses, movement for reconsidering the contract unit price and acquiring the business deals with high profit has become prominent. Such positive attitudes among the building maintenance business players may have led to the expansion of sales.


Noteworthy Topics

Building Maintenance Market Share by Building Usage

The estimated market size of building maintenance in FY2018 by building usage (outlook) is approximately 134.7 billion yen for residence (3.4% share by building usage / 107.4% YOY) and approximately 3,860.5 billion yen for non-residence (96.6% / 106.8%).  Out of all the items in the non-residence, the office buildings accounts for the largest share, with the market size of approximately 875.4 billion yen (21.9%/ 106.4%), roughly one fifth of the building maintenance market. Next in line is the stores/commercial facility, about 736.8 billion yen (18.4% / 106.5%), followed by other usages such as the school facility with 403.6 billion yen (10.1% / 105.2%), the medical/welfare facility with 390.8 billion yen (9.8% / 108.1%), and the factory/workplace with 387.4 billion yen (9.7% / 106.1%). 


Future Outlook

The size of the domestic building maintenance market is estimated to attain 4,027.2 billion yen (based on the value at prime contractors) in FY2019, 100.8% of the previous fiscal year. While the manpower shortage is still a major issue in FY2019, by focusing on to acquiring profitable business deals, the market is assumed to keep slight growth. Providing safe and secure work environment and guaranteeing quality in the maintenance operation will continue to be important issues for the building maintenance service providers, the major building maintenance enterprises in particular. 


Research Outline

1.Research Period: July to September 2019
2.Research Object: Building maintenance businesses across the country
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by the expert researchers, survey via telephone, and literature research

Building Management Market

The building maintenance market in this research indicates a market of building maintenance services such as cleaning, equipment maintenance, and security assurance within the buildings provided and undertaken by building maintenance companies. The market size is calculated based on the value at prime contractors. Note that the market also includes peripheral business like repairing and renovation works carried out by such companies, but their sales for different industries are not included. 


<Products and Services in the Market>

Cleaning, equipment maintenance, security assurance, and other operations (e.g. reform construction).

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