High Capacity Capacitor Market in Japan: Key Findings 2019

New Demand for LiC as Back-up Power Supply for Train Car drives Market Expansion

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the High Capacity Capacitors Market in Japan, and has found out the market size transition, the market trends by product segments, the trends of market players, and the future perspectives. 

Market Size Transition & Forecast of High Capacity Capacitors
Market Size Transition & Forecast of High Capacity Capacitors

Market Overview

The market for the high capacity capacitors with more than 100F is on the rise, estimated to have grown to 8,367 million yen in FY2018, 146.6% of the size of previous year. Compared by product type, while the demand for EDLCs remain flat for applications such as idle-stop system for automobiles and regeneration for construction and industrial machines, the new demand for LiC as the back-up power supply for train cars of electric trams (streetcar/trolley) and subways contributes greatly to the market expansion.

Noteworthy Topics

While EDLCs are all alike in product performance, LiCs have wide range of product by manufacturers and by product performance

With a longer history since the first product launch, there is not much difference among EDLC manufacturers. On the other hand, having a shorter history, LiC manufacturers differ according to the product characteristics, target applications, and product portfolio.  LiC manufacturers intend to offer products with characteristics that meet the needs of each application, through customizing the cell shapes and temperature characteristics. In addition, instead of leaving individual application development in the hands of their user companies, LiC manufacturers have begun to limit the application themselves and develop the cell specifications for the particular usage.

Future Outlook

Lacking new strategies to create new demand, the business outlook for EDLCs stays flat with no hope for notable growth, LiC is expected to drive the market by expanding its usage in the applications such as electric automobile.  High capacity capacitor market in FY2022 is estimated to attain 12,850 million yen (based on domestic shipment value), 153.6% of the size of the market in FY2018.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: April to July 2019
2.Research Object: Capacitor manufacturers, domestic distributors, R&D companies, user companies, etc.
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by the expert researchers, survey via telephone, and literature research.

High Capacity Capacitors Market

The High Capacity Capacitors (Electric Double –Layer Capacitors) in this research are the capacitors with the electrostatic capacitance over 100F(Farad), in the cell shape that is winding(cylinder), laminated, or in square-can, etc.  Both EDLC and LiC are included in the research. 

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EDLC(Electric Double-Layer Capacitor)、LiC(Lithium-ion Capacitor)

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