Water Purifiers & Conditioners Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2018

Water Purifiers & Conditioners Market for FY2017 Declined to 43.6 Billion Yen, 97.1% of Size of FY2016, But Likely to Turn for the Better in FY2018

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the domestic water purifiers & conditioners market and has found out the market overview, the trends by type, and the future perspectives.

Transition of Size of Water Purifiers & Conditioners Market
Transition of Size of Water Purifiers & Conditioners Market

Market Overview

Size of the water purifiers and water conditioners market in FY2017 has declined to 43.6 billion yen (based on the shipment values at manufacturers), 97.1 % of the size of the previous fiscal year.

The market is likely to turn for the better in FY2018, with the size projected to achieve 45.3 billion yen, 103.9% of that of the previous fiscal year. It is because of the recovery shown by the leading water conditioner makers and of the prevalence of water purifiers in newly built homes.

Noteworthy Topics

The objectives of installing water purifiers and conditioners by consumers are not only to purify water but also to use safe and secured tap water. With water still of the great importance among consumers and purchasing drinking water becoming a custom in daily lives, water purifiers have come to be pre-installed in newly built homes.

On the other hand, water conditioners have been paid attention as a means to improve the quality of life. Not a few consumers use water conditioners not just for purifying water but also to use value-added water to take care of health and beauty.

Considering strong interest in water used for daily lives by consumers, makers have released various products such as those with easy-to-use designs and those of portable types, which have led the market to grow stably.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: October to December, 2018
2.Research Object: Manufacturers of water purifiers and water conditioners, related organizations, and distributors
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews with expert researchers, surveys via telephone, and literature research

Water Purifiers & Conditioners Market

Water purifiers in this research indicate the home-use devices that filtrate the water used for daily lives. Water conditioners in this survey indicate those devices that change the nature of water filtrated by water purifiers. Both water purifiers and conditioners in this research are those home-uses. The survey targeted the following seven types: Faucet-connected type, faucet-integrated type, built-in type, stand-on-sink type, pot type (on a table), shower type, and alkali ion water generators (conditioners). The market size is calculated based on the shipment values of water purifiers/conditioners themselves, and no cartridges are included.

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