Linen Supply Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2020

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the Linen Supply Market in Japan, and has found out the market trends by demand field, the trends of market players, and the future outlook.

Market Size Transition & Forecast of Linen Supply
Market Size Transition & Forecast of Linen Supply

Market Overview

Linen supply service is a rental service that lends linens for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, amusement facilities, companies, and factories. In FY2019, domestic linen supply market size attained 518,277 million yen (by business player revenue base), increased by 0.1% year on year, of which the growth is almost flat yet still growing for three consecutive years. With increase in demand for hotel linens due to rise of inbound tourists generating higher occupancy of hotels and construction of new hotels, linen supply market has been making recover since FY2015. Although the outspread of novel coronavirus affected January-March period of 2020, FY2019 stayed almost flat. 

Noteworthy Topics

Outspread of Novel Coronavirus Giving Serious Impact on Each Demand Field

Although the linen supply market was said to be on recovery, it is assumed to face difficult circumstances for FY2020 and beyond due to global outspread of the novel coronavirus. 
Viewing the linen supply market by demand field, while hotel linens, hospital linens, and industrial linens grew in FY2019, predicaments continue for other fields. For FY2020, virtually all demand fields are likely to fall below preceding fiscal year.

Future Outlook

Domestic linen supply market for FY2020 is estimated to attain 358,241 million yen (by business player revenue base), 30.9% decrease from the preceding year. Especially, demand for the linen supply demand for hotels, fitness clubs and aesthetic salons, which used to drive the market, dropped by half, and similar decline is anticipated for food linen for restaurants and transportation linens for railways, airplanes, and ships.
Even though the market for FY2020 is deeply influenced by the outspread of coronavirus, pandemic is expected to be contained for FY2021 and beyond. Nevertheless, opinions and perspectives of overwhelming majority conclude that “things are not going back (to previous lifestyle)”. The linen supply industry is going through drastic changes, too, and its future is still uncertain. 

Research Outline

1.Research Period: March to June 2020
2.Research Object: Leading domestic linen suppliers, wholesalers/manufacturers of linen and linen supply machines, etc.
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by the expert researchers, interview via email/telephone, questionnaire by mail, and literature research.

Linen Supply Market in Japan

Linen supply in this research refers to the rental service that lends linens for facilities (companies, stores, factories, etc.) with cleaning services.  The market size is being estimated by business player revenue base.  
Major demand fields are (1) hotels (linens for hotels, inns, and other accommodations), (2) hospitals (clothes for hospitals, clinics, nursing facilities), (3) food (linens and uniforms for restaurants and other eating places), (4) services (towels and uniforms for sauna, esthetic salon, and reflexology), (5)industry linen (uniform for factories/facilities), (6)transportation (seat covers for Shinkansen and other bullet trains, bed clothes for sleeping coach/ships/airplanes, including pillow cases and curtains), (7) diapers (cloth diaper for babies and for adults), (8) rented hand towels (for restaurants and sports facilities [golf driving range, golf course], amusement facilities [karaoke, pachinko, bowling], (9) dust control (rented cleaning equipment such as mop for homes, and rented mats and cabinet towels, etc., for business facilities).  

<Products and Services in the Market>

Linen supply services for hotels/for hospitals, food linen, service linen, industrial linen, linen used for transportation industry, diapers, rented hand towels, and dust control service.

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