WHATS Seminar Vol. 100 [Online] What is "workation"? – True Picture of Workation, New-Normal Workstyle that Accelerates Regional Revitalization

WHATS Seminar Vol.100 [Online] “What is "workation"? – True Picture of Workation – New-Normal Workstyle that Accelerates Regional Revitalization” will be held online on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.


 [Overview of the seminar]

“Workation” is a coined word originated in the Western countries, which was created by combination of “work” and “vacation.” In recent years, the “workation” has been drawing various interests all over Japan. This is because “workation” has been developing in unique ways as a tool to solve social issues in Japan, such as needs of regional revitalization and advancement in taking paid leave although the original meaning was “teleworking in places for vacation located away from the primary workplace.”

Based on this point, discussion will be made from the viewpoint of regional vitalization, focusing on the trends of a wide variety of stakeholders who wait for opportunities to expand businesses in the workation market.

  1. What is “workation”? (Definition by Yano Research Institute)
  2. True Picture of the workation market
  • Local governments and organizations adopting workation
  • Providers of workation-related services
  • Companies introducing workation
  1. Prospects of the workation market


Time: 1:00p.m.-2:00p.m.

Lecturer: Hikari Kobayashi, Researcher, New Business Creation Consulting, Yano Research Institute, Ltd.


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