WHATS Seminar Vol. 95 [Online] “Market Trends of Outdoor Activities: Latest Trends of Camping”

WHATS Seminar Vol.95 [Online] “Market Trends of Outdoor Activities: Latest Trends of Camping” will be held online on April 28 (Wednesday), 2021.


[Overview of the seminar]

In the past few years, the population of those who enjoy camping, one of the popular outdoor activities, has been growing. One of the major reasons is that camping has been gaining attention as an activity that can be enjoyed by oneself or with family even on weekdays or in off-seasons such as winter due to the recent diversified ways to enjoy camping. Therefore, the demand of camping equipment has been also increasing, and the outdoor activity market has been surely expanding.

With these circumstances described above, the current situation and future prospects of camping business and businesses of other outdoor activities, including what kinds of measures or countermeasures the service providers doing business in the outdoor activity market have taken under the coronavirus crisis.

  1. Trends of the overall outdoor activity market in Japan
  2. Latest trends of the outdoor activity market in the COVID-19 pandemic and countermeasures against the crisis
  3. Future prospects and challenges raised in the outdoor activity market


Time: 2:30p.m.-3:30p.m.

Lecturer: Hironobu Takazawa, Researcher, Consumer Marketing, Yano Research Institute Ltd.


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