WHATS Seminar Vol. 94 [Online] “Business Strategy Using Multi-purpose Robot for Agriculture, “FARBOT””

WHATS Seminar Vol.94 [Online] “Business Strategy Using Multi-purpose Robot for Agriculture, “FARBOT”” will be held online on April 28 (Wednesday), 2021.


[Overview of the seminar]

According to 2020 Census of Agriculture and Forestry in Japan, the number of agricultural management bodies all over Japan decreased by 22% compared with 5 years ago to 1.07 millions. While the total number of agricultural management bodies has been getting smaller, the number of corporate management bodies has been becoming larger and they even have been expanding their businesses in scale. Moreover, some of them adopted smart agriculture developed by use of big data. Therefore, “labor-saving technology” and “smart agriculture based on big data” to be progressed in tandem with the expansion of market scale will be key factors in Japanese agriculture in the future.

GINZA FARM has been providing multi-purpose robot for agriculture, “FARBOT” to support agricultural management. In this seminar, case studies and application examples of “FARBOT” will be discussed.


Time: 1:00p.m.-2:00p.m.

Lecturer: Kazuki Iimura, Chief Executive Officer, GINZA FARM Co., Ltd.


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