“LGBT Marketing Report 2021” Series Vol. 1, “Analysis of LGBT People as Consumers” Was Launched

Yano Research Institute Ltd. (Headquartered in Nakano-ku, Tokyo) launched a report titled “Analysis of LGBT People as Consumers” as the first volume of the “LGBT Marketing Report 2021” series, our first series of reports on LGBT markets on Thursday, December 10, 2020.

In this series of reports, we regard each LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people, who are seen as a social and sexual minority, as an individual “consumer” and analyze their consumption behavior and consumer intention.


<Background of Creating The Report>

A revised law to prevent power harassment, the “Act on Comprehensive Promotion of Labor Policies,” came into effect in June 2020 to request companies to further raise their awareness of protecting human rights of employees and to respect diversity. Under this situation, many companies and local governments have been putting more effort into understanding LGBT through relevant information collection, training, education and enlightenment, and some other activities. However, references and documents used for those activities are mostly reports concerning “human rights” or “political and social issues.”

We prepared this report based on our idea that preparing a report of LGBT taking “human rights” and “political social issues” into consideration would help people’s better understanding of LGBT. This report is focusing on LGBT people from the viewpoints of economy and market by regarding each of them as “an individual consumer having generally higher level of purchasing capability.”


<Report Outline>

This report analyzes a wide range of consumption behavior based on the responses from both LGBT and non-LGBT survey respondents.

  • Estimated size of LGBT population
  • Human relationship between LGBT and non-LGBT people
  • LGBT people’s interest in foreign countries
  • Consumer confidence of LGBT people
  • Evaluation on self-ability of LGBT people
  • Things of value to LGBT people
  • Mentality of LGBT people
  • Consumption behavior of LGBT people (Amount of money that can be spent in one month / Expenses for eating out / Expenses for clothes and fashion items / Expenses for furniture and daily commodities / Expenses for hobbies / Expenses for culture and information collection / Expenses for health maintenance and promotion / Social expenses / Expenses for leisure / Expenses for investment and financial commodities / Amount of savings / Expenses for domestic and international travel)
  • Trends of social networking services (SNS) use by LGBT people (Usage rate, usage frequency, and the like of LINE, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube)

Analysis by type of sexuality, comparative analysis between LGBT and non-LGBT people, and so forth, are made in detail and presented by using summary sheets or graphs.


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This report was planned and created by X Business, Yano Research Institute Ltd.

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